back to article to empower corporate Twitter snooping

Twitter has become's latest Web 2.0 darling, with a plug-in to the company's customer relationship management (CRM) system. On Monday the company announced CRM for Twitter, which it said would let CRM users search, monitor, and "join" conversations and Tweets. Salesforce CRM for Twitter is due to …


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  1. Pete Silver badge

    They'll look pretty silly ...

    ... if twitter crashes and burns as fast as it's risen.

    Since it's not making any money[1] - and shows no talent, desire or ability to do so the chances are good that someone who *can* make money will pick it up for a song, and all the freeloaders who now use it gratis will be off as quick as they can tweet "bye bye"

    [1] according to The Register, less than a month ago

  2. blue

    Reg Doesn't 'Get' Twitter Shocker

    Tweets are public - anyone - including people who don't follow you - can read them - thus there is no real snooping.

    "Once your conversation on nipping out for a quick coffee's been hovered up by Starbucks, you can probably then look forward to the coffee giant's marketing goons Tweeting you with some helpful suggestions on the nearest location for that non-fat chai latte."

    Nope - someone can't Tweet you unless you're following THEM. Thus - no spam (unless you want it).

  3. Malachy

    Yawn a Twitter/sales force press release

    Seriously, is no one bored of twitter articles yet?

    If someone can show me even 1 relatively sane way that this service could ever show a profit I'd look at it again, but it just looks like a fad that slipped by the credibility filters of some well known people.

    @Pete: I think you are right. Twitter is just holding on so another company can pick them up as an on-going concern.

    Although I doubt anyone would make it a pay service, was thinking maybe myspace, facebook or a mobile telcom might take it on and offer it as a free service

  4. Aaron

    just one more reason to not use twitter

    Basically they are saying they are going to fill it with targeted spam and advertising junk, oh joy just what we need. "im gonna go grab a brew brb, next thing you know 15 messages pop up about brands of coffee and where to get them".

This topic is closed for new posts.

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