back to article BT names first 29 exchanges for fibre rollout

BT has released new details of its fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) rollout, including a list of the first 29 exchanges to be upgraded to offer faster broadband in early 2010. Engineers will run fibre optic cables between the exchanges and street side cabinets, closer to homes and businesses. Downstream speeds will be improved to …


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  1. Ash
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    What's wrong with Birmingham?

    We have a giant BT tower, FFS!

  2. Craig


    We're not big enough eh?

    BT's venture was rightly ridiculed on Slashdot, where I was again reminded how much better other parts of the world have it when it comes to net connections :(

  3. Anonymous Coward


    We are connected to Belfast Balmoral, but we're right at the limit of the current line length restriction since we're out in the sticks.

    I wonder if BT will be installing fibre to our little hamlet then, or is it just to those areas where there will be sufficent take-up?

    I won't hold my breath...

  4. General A. Annoying
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    They need to change their name to..


    3 sites in Scotland, 1 each Wales And NI

    oh aye, VERY British.


    As for FTTC, fine, but if the copper between the cabinet and the socket has a multitude of joints in it...

    A lame, half-arsed attempt, yet again.

  5. Prag Fest


    Anyone know what they plan to do with the cabinet modems? I'm wondering will they be multi function ADSL / ADSL2 / VDSL2 so existing user equipment keeps going or if they will force a migration to VDSL2. Knowing BT they will probably be ADSL only, with VDSL2 upgrade in 2020 (dependent on lengthy offcom study of course).

  6. Lionel Baden
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    Oh FFS

    I am not suprised and am feeling Significantly left out !!!

    please give me at least 8mb bt !!!! 0.2 is not quite what i expected when i signed up for *up to 8mb, i expected at least 2mb

    They really should concentrate on getting ppl with nothing first

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    How were the 29 exchanges selected ?

    It would be interesting to know the selection criteria?

    I am suspicious of possible political bias.

    Be that as it may, I am also concerned that the fibre rollout will be so slow. We need nationwide fibre NOW, not 40% by 2012.

  8. Wokstation

    I guess it was too much to hope...

    ...for anything in Suffolk. Bah humbug, etc, etc. I still can't get over half meg ADSL :(

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Widen the divide

    Great - so those with decent connections get better ones, and those of us out in the sticks get left even further behind.

    Very frustrating for those of us out here in 70dB attenuation land...

  10. John A Blackley

    40% of great

    (From another esteemed organ): Steve Robertson, chief executive of Openreach, the division of BT responsible for the delivery of the plans, said: " is great to announce this initial set of locations."

    Nah, mate. 'Great' would be to tell everyone when the majority of Britain will have access to fibre. Good would be when you tell us that half of Britain will have it. 40% is, at best, an okay start.

    Do you think it's great when your wife, partner, significant other says tonight you'll be having 40% of some really hot, kinky bedroom exercise?

  11. Niall Campbell

    Manchester weighting..

    Wouldn't be anything to do with the fact that the BBC is having to move a lot of its staff up there is it?

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Rolling out Fibre...

    and they still haven't enabled ADSL 2 at my local exchange, or cable, or.. what's the point?

  13. Luke
    Paris Hilton

    Office of the chairman

    Big fucking surprise North Yorkshire wasn't given FUCKALL again. We live by the sea between Whitby and Scarborough and routinely get fuckall from anyone.

    I wrote to the secretary of the chairman some months ago asking if our village could be one where they conduct trials for high speed broadband rollout and they didn't even have the manner to reply.

    I bet they'd write to me if I didn't pay by twatting bill eh BT?

    Paris, because everyone has had a go apart from my village which gets left out of everything..

  14. Steven Jones

    @General A. Annoying

    The numbers would appear to be roughly in line with population. Your knowledge of geography would appear to be a bit faulty as there are two Welsh exchanges on the list.

    Scotland have 10.3% of the exchanges (8% of UK population)

    Wales have 7% of the exchanges (5% of UK population)

    NI 3% of the exchanges (3% UK population)

    England 79% of exchanges (83% UK population)

    So perhaps a little more attention to facts on your part and a bit less bleating about discrimination would be in order.

  15. Smallbrainfield


    I live in Bury. Bring it on.

  16. Andrew Barratt


    Means you can hit your bandwidth quotas extra fast, back to the pay as you go model!

  17. Johnny FireBlade

    +1 with Lionel

    Got a poxy fluctuating speed between 2 and 3 Mb. Very tempted by Virgin, to be honest.

  18. Andy Barber

    No L/RAV

    Pity they did not include Bromley! But it is a six unit exchange.

    Mine's the brown dust jacket!

  19. James Thomas


    I'm closer to Taff's well than to the exchange I'm actually on - anyone know if you can get BT to change your exchange?


  20. EvilGav

    @ General A. Annoying

    29 exchanges, 3 of them in Scotland.

    Scotland's population <10% of the UK population, therefore the number of exchanges per-capita is better in Scotland than the rest of the UK.

    Wales and NI can be agrieved if they want, but not sure how you can set <1/2 of an exchange up.

    The exchange in Edinburgh that has been chosen is the one in an area not currently covered by Virgin Media, which makes sense - BT want to sell the whole media stuff through Home Hub, far more likely to get take-up where cable doesn't already exist.

  21. hi_robb
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    They can keep it

    Will include free WEBWISE aka Phorm. Profiling your web browsing habbits under the pretence of being a more secure way to be online.

    Shove it up yer shit chutes.


  22. Giles Jones Gold badge


    They always roll out in the areas that have cable already.

    What about those who have no choice other than BT's rubbish ADSL service?

  23. Anonymous Coward
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    How many already setup for Virgin ?

    I know, for example, Luton is already cabled up - I'd expect Ofcomm should make BT prioritise those areas which *cannot* get alternate high speed internet..

  24. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Interesting choice of exchanges in London - you think they might have considered the exchange(s) sitting around the Olympic Park - or perhaps that's in phase 2. I can imagine congestion on the Stratford exchange will be even more ugly than it is now come 2012...

  25. Anonymous Coward

    By the time....

    .. it's all rolled out, it'll be old tech.

  26. JD
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    the next bunch of exchanges

    Someone posted a link to this list of 'potential future' exchanges when FTTC was announced earlier in the month

    All of the confirmed ones are on there except Belfast...

  27. Robert Simmons


    Now there's a first, BT actually putting in a service where I am first, rather than last....

  28. Anonymous Coward
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    @Johnny FireBlade

    Don't do it! Virgin will pop a cap in your ass!

  29. Anonymous Coward

    Dear BT...

    Dear BT,

    Please please please accelerate your roll-out program. 40mbps will let us harvest data much more efficiently. Although we are not so worried about the pikey Scots, Irish or Welsh, just places where spend per head is higher.

    Kind Regards,

    Kent Ertugrul

    CEO, Phorm

  30. Oliver Mayes


    Breaking News, ISP announces that it's next broadband product will deliver the fastest speeds ever (subject to F.U.P., location, throttling, random whims).

    In other news, catholic bear shits on the pope in some woods, or something like that.

  31. Adam


    Chingford, Edmonton and Enfield aren't in London, unless you subscribe to the view that anything within the M25 counts as London. Which is incorrect.

    Unfortunately I'm not covered in the first roll-out, as I live in rural Bedfordshire. But I don't really care as I've got a choice of 8mb ADSL and 50mb cable.

    However, I've noticed that so many people complaining above are also from traditionally remote, sparsely-populated areas. If you want to have the amenities associated with living in a city, move to a city! (But not Birmingham, they don't have it yet!) I don't hear city-dwellers complaining about the lack of fresh air and access to horse manure.

  32. Cris Page

    current maintainance would be nice....

    ... My exchange has been Red for contention since January, the latest move of the goal posts predicts end of March for a fix - at which time BT will calmly move the date further back yet again. Its not like this is a rapidly expanding area either, so either the equipment is failing at a fantastic rate, or (IMHO more likely) BT just cant be arsed to spend the money to service the clients of their wholesale "Partners"

    This news doesnt excite - with no LLU here BT have a monopoly here that they are happy to abuse. I doubt if we will see FTTC here in my lifetime - especially as they cant keep on top of current maintainance now!

  33. rhydian

    @James Thomas

    If you want to change exchanges it's a right ball ache as you'd have to be physically re-wired in to the Taff's Well cabling. If for example Taff's well connects to the next street you could try asking BT, but be prepaired for either manic laughter or a massive bill.

  34. rhydian

    UK inability to plan for the future

    The problem we have compared to other nations is that we have a much greater "make-do-and-mend" attitude towards national infrastructure than other nations. Nations like Japan have spent Billions over the last 30+ years keeping their telecoms networks up to date whereas ours is a mish-mash of 40+ years of haphazard expansion with little thought. BT are quite rightly asking why should they stump up the cash for fibre without being allowed to control the charge other operators pay to use it. It's a PLC and thus has to make money. If the Govt was serious about fully connecting the UK to broadband interwebs then they'd do as they've done to the railways and nationalise the cabling infrastructure and let BT, virgin, CPW etc. run their services on that infrastructure.

  35. John Smith Gold badge

    Surprised they took this long.

    With all that Phorn server capacity to fill. Active downloaders mean all the more data to profile.

  36. Anonymous Coward


    Just moved to Bratislava in Slovakia, the WHOLE city is wired up for 70 megs, 1 to 1 contention,

    70 megs = 24 euro a month

    They have had these speeds for 6 years. I was using bit torrent yesterday (for completely legal content of course! :-) and had a downlpoad speed of over 32 megs a second.

    My old NTL "12 mrg" line gave me around 1 meg on non windy nights at 4 a.m. if I prayed to the intertube gods.

    I mean I'm in bloody eatern europe, BT and VM and NTL just won't spend any money on infrastructure until they reall really have to.


  37. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Is a title actually required??

    Halifax and Pudsey were chosen to test the FTTC rollout in rural locations??? The person who picked those two has never travelled north of Watford...

  38. Bob H

    Quit your whining

    I won't get it in this phase, but this is better news than I had hoped for, they are actually rolling out quite a significant number of exchanges. More than any trial would.

    I can wait even if my broadband drops it's connection twice a day, often when I use it the most. As for Suffolk, it is a surprising omission, because they normally test new technology out there due to BT Adastral Park research center being there.

    They have obviously picked technologically and statistically interesting locations, the criteria were probably not very political, but there are limitations that are obvious:

    # Fiber availability (does the exchange have enough connectivity *spare*

    # Cost/ease/safety of street digging / civil engineering

    # Broadband demand/usage rate

    Hanlon's Razor always applies.


  39. Dave Webb

    @ +1 with Lionel

    I'd give in to that temptation if I were you. I've been with Virgin/ntl in South Wales since their 512Mb was launched nearly 10 years ago and it's been near perfect. With the 20Mb service I get in excess of 2200k/sec every time (where the source is able to accomodate such speeds). I did have problems with a language barrier during a support call a few months ago but as the network is solid and fast who cares?

    I do feel for you guys in the sticks with little more than a dialup connection. They should sort you out first and bring you in line with the rest of the country before leaving you even further behind.

  40. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    How flippin annoying. We get a sketchy 512k, should that not be upgraded first? I live inbetween Aberdeen and Inverness, show me the bloody improvements up this way as I pay my monthly fee like everyone else. In fact, pay for LESS.

    F*****g C***s

  41. Andrew Kelly


    Where have you been hiding for the last 40-odd years?

    Chingford, Enfield & Edmonton are very much in London.

  42. groovyf

    @ Anonymous Coward

    "Calder Valley" will come under "Rural" not Halifax. I suspect Pudsey is more 'rural' than Halifax anyway ;)

  43. Colin Miller

    Local exchange name?

    How do you tell what your local exchange is called?

    Or what area the exchanges in the list cover.

  44. General A. Annoying

    FTTC, replacement or suppliment?

    "I was trolling along, on moonlight bay, dah de de de de de de dee,...."

    Seriously though, is FTTC intended to replace the existing copper multicore from the exchange to "your nearest roadside cabinet" or is it going to be supplementary to it, thereby enabling ET, sorry BT, to proffer a two-tier service?

    I have to agree with a great many of the posts here, it should be rolled out in more 'rural' areas first, with preference given to those areas with either no broadband, or piss-poor connections.

    But that wouldn't be 'economically viable' I suppose.

    Finally, my apologies to our Welsh reader. How could I possibly have missed "Taffs Well - Rhondda Cynon Taf"

    "iechyd da"

  45. Wokstation


    Hadn't you noticed? London's getting bigger...

  46. Andy Livingstone

    White mice on a big wheel?

    Those at Tinto exchange are expected to keep going forever are they?

  47. Michael


    BT deserve to be bailed out like HBOS, Lloyds... just for lack of enthusiasm

    Taken back to being owned by the public and then let gordy splash out some ca$h on upgrading the entire UK as some side project for 2012 Olympics! And get the UK's telecoms backbone upto a modern standard with fibre ran into everyhome in the UK wether is it rural or not! Then on this give everyone a VOIP phone with the option to keep the old PSTN whilst it like Analog TV is switched off over 5 years...Its the way to go for the UK economy blah blah blah......

    "BT's Openreach division will handle the rollout. It will be required to offer wholesale FTTC access to BT Retail's competitors on equal terms.".... worked for BT back in 2001 when it was rolling out ADSL and I expect that BT will only play fair once they get caught or are blown the whistle on!

  48. Greg


    I live in the Calder Valley!* Hell yeah, bring it on!

    Thing is, though, if you're going to run the fibre optic all the way to my bloody street, why not run it TO MY HOUSE? Seriously, just invest in an area, run fibre to everyone. Everyone under the sun will sign up, you make a mint, and once you're showing a profit, you move on to the next area for rollout. Get on with it!

    *Which, by the way, is scenic, not rural. ;-) There's a chuffin' great motorway going through it, for one.

  49. Lionel Baden

    @Colin Miller

    Somebody else posted here first that i found bloody usefull becaus ewe are going to be moving soon.

    Next time i will move according to exchange locations Only

    Thanks to AndyC for the Link

    To Anybody if your gonna go Virgin, you will need to be able to pass the following test

    I dont rape the ISP bandwidth

    I dont Game.

    I only Use my Internet for text based Email

    4 of my mates are on It and everything one Hates it with a passion

    and another 6 are ex users and say best thing they did was leave.

    As much as i get pissed with BT for not sorting out my area, I am pleased with the reliability of the service in 5 years i think it has dropped connection twice.

    But on the other hand i am sorely tempted to start sending letter bombs to their tech call centers till they move them back to the UK

  50. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: WOOHOO!

    You're not in Brighouse, are you? Brrr.

  51. Apocalypse Later


    No, they won't let you change your exchange. They won't even let you pay to upgrade the length of cheap aluminium cabling left in the ground since the forties, that every visiting engineer says is a big part of the problem, in addition to the sheer distance to the exchange.

    We still get our internet from standpipes in the street.

  52. Greg

    @Sarah in Brighouse. Nice guess, considering I'm posting from Leeds. Are you in Brig, Ms Bee?

    And what's with the "brr"? It's been luvverly up here recently. Besides, I'm a Yorkshire type - we don't feel the cold much. It's all the fur. ;-)

  53. Steve Read
    Paris Hilton

    40Mb - Hah!

    Well, here I am in La Madeleine, just north of Lille, in the land of red wine and more kinds of cheese than you can shake a stick at. 12Mbits over ADSL2+ (attenuation something like 120dB!). Fibre available in the area, 100Mb/s down for 40 euros a month.

    Yah boo sucks to you!

    Paris. Because. Why else?

  54. Anonymous Coward

    crap copper

    you can have 10g or 40g fibre to the cabinet but of the last 100 meters to the property is still crappy shared and thrice sliced bellwire then you're still going to get crap broadband.

    I cant wait until 5 companies try to cram their active kit into the street cabs, the active ones

    are already noisy and hot. now they'll be worth smashing open to nick the contents.

    a new job opportunity for those in the poorer areas?

  55. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: @Sarah

    I spent many years in the House of Brig. I was shuddering at the memory.

  56. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @General A. Annoying

    its not just population that b.t. were discriminating England for the exchanges but also the English produce $82M gdp per new exchange where as Scotland, Wales and Ireland produce $65M, $43M and $33M respectively

  57. Colin Miller
    Thumb Up

    @Colin Miller

    Thanks Lionel,

    The check-by-postcode is here

  58. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Its a lot bloody colder in Canada

    Briggus (translation Brighouse) isn't all that bad, nor cold for that matter.

    I also used to live in the Calder Valley - Lancky side of Halifax as a matter of fact before moving o'er the pond.

    In the Sowerby area, we just had 512kb max because of the distance to the exchange through LLU.

    For us 1Mb or 2Mb would have been quite nice. I guess that is why they are piloting in this kind of area - there is quite high demand but everyone is so spread out compared to the city.

    Can we have a cloth cap icon please?

  59. Tom Silver badge

    I cant find in the RFC's

    where it says the internet in one country should be screwed up by one monopoly supplier.

    Time we all looked at getting wireless mesh working in our areas.

    Then we can all get 100MB connections so pointless media companies can send us ever more impressive and contentless flash presentations!

  60. steogede

    Rural first would make some sense

    It would allow the cabinets to be further from the exchange, so they could could consolidate the number of exchanges - then again, perhaps that is why they have largely chosen exchanges which are in clusters close together.

  61. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    halifax & pudsey aren't rural

    At least when it comes to BT's data links anyway. The data centres running HBOS are based in Halifax & Pudsey. Not exactly a great example of connecting up a rural area as BT manage all of those fibre links.

  62. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    re: Rolling out Fibre...

    I live 13miles from Edinburgh and I have the same situation.. ironically.. if I lived 2miles up the road.. I would have everything.. cable, ADSL 2, etc etc

    It's not fair..

  63. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Why the hell should BT fix the existing crap? they are finally saying the current infrastructure is beyond repair and giving up on it. IMO that's the only sensible action they can take. Tis a shame the 2nd biggest City in the UK is skipped but that probably as its well covered with cable. not that I'm covered by that though :(

    Still, a multi gigabit connection at work keeps me happy :)

  64. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Looks like some areas are going to have a choice of fast broadband... Chelmsford already has cable!

    Come down the A12 a bit, and some of us are struggling to get above 1mbs on ADSL, and other are still left in dial-up land.

  65. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    Bangalore exchange?

    Every BT office I've been to in the last 2 years had more of our 'offshore' cousins than UK workers.

    With the >10000 agency staff cuts in the UK this year, I have a suggestion:-

    Perhaps they should change the name to IT and install 21CN in India?

    Otherwise I can confirm there are many contractors on the bench in the UK who could do the work these chaps are shipped over to do.

  66. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Half the country doesn't even seem to have ADSL 2, and they're trying to push out the next big thing? I got informed by my ISP they would be supporting ADSL 2, but honestly when it isn't available what's the point?

  67. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Smell of cooked books abounds

    I can't help but notice the smell of cooked books in all of this.

    Did a speed test on BT broadband and it seems that BT's average is 2.18 Mb/s

    Concluded: shock! horror! If BT do not do anything then they will have met the 2 Mb/s target and, of course, bonuses all round if you please?

    The roll out areas neglect neglected areas and shock! horror! the roll out areas have lots of cables in there anyway? Flummoxed the public again chaps, bonuses all round if you please?

    Why not 50 Mb/s by 2010, for each household irrespective of city/rural using a combination of delivery methods?

    Where's the verve? The vie? The excitement?

    All i smell is cooked books (again).

  68. Markie Dussard

    @Bangalore Exchange?

    Perhaps those of us who work with the people you so offensively euphemise as "our 'offshore' cousins" find it a more pleasant and productive experience than dealing with racist ingrates who do nothing but whine about their entitlements.

    My experience of BT-based agency contractors (having been one in my time) was that while they were very happy to take the money (although it was never enough, was it?) and the added security of being a disguised employee, they spent most of their time badmouthing the company and whining about what little work they were asked to do. On one very notable occasion two had to be sacked because a fight broke out. One contractor's snoring was disturbing the guy who was trying to play a game in the corner of the same office.

    Glad to see the back of them. I value my Indian colleagues far more than those British dipsticks.

  69. Greg


    Hey! It's not that bad!

    OK, it's not that brilliant, but it's not that bad!

    A town made up entirely of pubs, restaurants and takeaways, with 2 video game stores thrown in for good measure. Oh no, how will I survive? ;-)

  70. VulcanV5
    Paris Hilton


    Presumably the taxpayer funded OFCOM will now check to see how many taxpayers are still without even a basic broadband service and decide not to do anything.

    Not that it matters: all this rush for speed is truly sad.

    Where we are, there's no connection to the exchange because the elastic can't stretch that far and the only engineers we ever see in the streets are employed on lighting the gas lamps at dusk and turning 'em off at dawn around the same time as the knockerupper man comes tapping on our window.

    It's grim oop norf.

  71. Lionel Baden


    but at the same price ???

  72. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: @Sarah

    I suppose it's no worse than a lot of places, but that's not saying much.

    Er, I like what they did with the old mill conversion.

  73. Nick


    Well, they may be rolling it out for those in the suburbs, but those of us who live in the city centre get naff-all. No cable here, and I'm stuck with ADSL that pretends to be ~6mbit, runs at about 4, gives me huge latency spikes and generally drops out entirely once or twice per night!

  74. Pete


    To see my town at the top of the list! Quite well covered by VM though.

  75. Bod

    Re: crap copper

    "you can have 10g or 40g fibre to the cabinet but of the last 100 meters to the property is still crappy shared and thrice sliced bellwire then you're still going to get crap broadband."

    The connection from cabinet to house is a dedicated connection. The cable itself isn't much different from cat5 cable and that's rated high enough for fast lan quality (with no shielding), definitely at up to 100 meters.

    Cable (e.g. Virgin) however is another matter. They use fibre to cabinet also (not to home as many believe), but the remainder to the house is shared coax like antique old thin Ethernet, with the downstream signal broadcast all over your neighbour's cable and the modem filtering out the traffic specific to you. Upstream is a little more dedicated but a limited resource, but it's still going over cables that are essentially joined to your neighbour's houses and are vulnerable to dodgy signal quality due to poor installations and unterminated connections in their houses.

  76. Anonymous Coward


    You're missing the point.

    I'm not racist and made no racist comments, unlike your generalisation of IT contractors. No doubt the standard of contractor has been raised since you left BT, as the one's I worked with were professional and competent.

    My point is that while in a recession, wouldn't it be nice for a company like British Telecommunications to give work to British companies/consultants? Obviously this could be applied to many UK companies who continue to offshore.

    Most of the offshore people I work with are extremely talented and I value their friendship as well as their skill set.

    Hopefully they'll continue to keep BT working until the share price goes up enough for BT to want agency staff back again. ;o)

    Thanks for sharing your viewpoint though.

  77. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Yorkshire locations are pants

    WTF did BT choose to install this in some of the most deprived areas in the region?

    No one there can afford much more than basic broadband, maybe BT want this trial to fail?

  78. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Living about one mile away from the Hemel Hempstead exchange I rather hope this means I'll be able to download por... erm, stuff really really quickly, come next year.

  79. Anonymous Coward


    Would just like to add to Bangalore Exchange's comments that all the BT contractors I have come across in my time there have been extremely professional and competent. Good luck to all of you who will be on the outside come next Wednesday and many thanks for all your hard work. You will be missed.

    I'm glad that the majority of BT-related debate on this site has always focused on the corporation, and not the people - there's not much any of us can do on a micro level to influence the Phorm debate for example - we are all IT people at the end of the day who work hard to do the best job they can usually in extremely difficult circumstances.

  80. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    This story keeps timing out, it's taken a dozen attempts for the page to complete (just this one out of all the ones I'm looking at so far). Could this be the most popular El-Reg story so far. So much so that the page is timing out? Show's people's priorities if it is. I can imagine everyone mailing the page to all their mates to check if they're on the list.

  81. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    50Mb :p

    Yes I joined the speeding Virgin service. But still 50 Megabits thats just rubbish really look at what the Japanese are getting. Ah but Japan is a small Island......!!!!one!!11

  82. adamski

    Why all the Gripe?

    Wasn't it OFCOM who blocked BT investing in infrastructure some 20 odd years ago. So that the fledgling cable compaines could get a foothold?

    We would be much further ahead if OFCOM had been on the side of the consumer instead of big business.

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