back to article NYC 'Top Model' stampede: The truth revealed

NYC was last weekend witness to shock scenes at an audition for America's Next Top Model as a panic-stricken crowd of hopefuls stampeded through Manhattan, scattering designer bags and expensive shoes in their wake as law-enforcement operatives attempted to restore order. The media line on the pandemonium is that it was …


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  1. Tim Greenwood

    It wouldn't be Friday without a funny!

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Mike
    Thumb Up


    Thats one of the best yet

    "A Massachusetts woman, who's been parked on a sofa outside the Top Model audition all night the better to secure an early spot in the castings has, after an excess of liquor, decided to impregnate her wife with a plastic syringe containing her brother's man juice:"

    That alone got me some strange looks over the dividers in the office cos I laughed so hard.

  3. Jamie

    Best news article I have seen all week

    Keep up the good work, and give the photog a raise, he deserves it putting his life on the line to get these exclusive pictures.

  4. Astarte

    Exellent Reporting

    Well done again Reg - wonderful camerawork too.

    Just one question - did the cameraman get permission from these people and the police to take these photographs?

  5. Hans

    Audio? . . . we need audio

    Totally shocking pics, I must say.

    In the absence of audio (c'mon Reg make an effort) thankfully I can lip-read, and the words on the lips of the panic stricken crowd all say the same thing

    "Don't tase me bro"

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    ROFLMHO, Lester Haines for a brooker award for his writing

  7. alan
    Thumb Up

    and this is why

    i love el reg and fridays :)

  8. Jon Cowie

    I love you all.

    Seriously. Also you owe me a new keyboard.

  9. Simon

    I'm going to say it again...

    Can we please have an image big enough so it can be used as a desktop image!

    Oh yeh, Woo Hoo! It must be FRIIIDDAAAYYYY!!!!

  10. Parax

    Woot its friday...

    but there not thin enough..

    Got any toothpicks/cocktail sticks and blutack?

  11. Mark Milaszkiewicz

    i'm so glad

    that there was someone in NYC at the time to capture the events in real time for us to see..

    wow... great work!!!

  12. Steve Foster

    Excellent BOFH Alternative

    Keep 'em coming, boys.

  13. Bruno Girin
    Thumb Up


    Best way to cheer up a slow Friday afternoon! Thank you Lester!

  14. Edward Miles

    My afternoon... made :)

    Just when I think the Regs in for a boring day, and I might actually have to work in the post-pub end of week, ytou prove me wrong!

    I doff my cap to thee sir!

  15. gaz
    Thumb Up

    you are gods!

    we are not worthy.

    I now have chicken sandwich over my monitor, and I might have pissed meself.

    The best

  16. weirdcult

    Ahhh friday

    I think i love you.

  17. Paul Segrue


    Now my working week is complete.

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Luvr IT

    Wow, and here I missed the whole trip to paste my bald fat backside all over the runways of New York. At least you did get the in depth coverage for this captivating story.

    Paris, she and Lilo know in depth

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Playmobil Friday

    Lester, you are a star!!! Who needs BOFH?

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    I was getting ready... complain about the absence of Optimus Prime, but you pulled through when it counted most! Well done, sirs.

  21. Hans

    Yikes! I had no idea it had got that serious

    "Mad axeman in ice hockey visor threatens to chop baby if not allowed into competition"

  22. Lankydude

    Why is it that... online lesbian publication can get exclusive pictures of these events when the mainstream media completely fail?

    You guys rock.

  23. jake Silver badge

    Let me fix that line for you ...

    "Optimus Prime's anger was, we should explain, caused by Top Model's existence."

    There. That's better.

  24. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Titles are for conformists

    But seriously can I get a job being Lester's prop manager? Pleeeease :-). I wont take up much space and I'll only come out when it's time for the playmobil re-enactments.

    @Lankydude: Of course an online lesbian publication got the scoop. I thought everyone knew that super models and lesbians are like ham and eggs, just a natural pairing (so to speak).

  25. Anonymous Coward

    with the piccys

    I seriously thought it was sausage and eggs that went together...


  26. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Are They...

    ... all waving at a passing Google Camera Car?

  27. Alan Esworthy

    One question...

    "Wood was, sources say, cloned from a small fragment of DNA taken from a dress used in 1953 classic Glen or Glenda."

    How did they know, I mean really know, that DNA came from Ed? It might have been Dwight Eisenhower's for all we know.

    /mine's the one with the used cigar in the pocket.

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