back to article SAS schemes $70m biz analytics cloud

Business-analytics software developer SAS Institute is taking to the clouds. But rather than stake the future of its hosted-application business on existing clouds such as Amazon AWS, SAS has decided to shell out $70m (£48m) to build its own cloud-computing facility. The Cary, North Carolina software house has seen exponential …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    SAS products are way overly priced...

    ...and a good number of their employees act like privileged children; very snobbish and arrogant. This is based on my multiple observations and direct interviews/chats at their HQ.

    Setting up their own data center does not surprise me. They always believe that they can do better than anyone else and need to keep everything in-house.

  2. alan lovedog

    nice buildings

    their marlow premises are very nice - as there's a public right of way through their land you can stroll through it and spend the afternoon on the riverfront.

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