back to article Romanian police arrest Pentagon hack suspect

Romanian police have arrested a hacker suspected of breaking into Pentagon systems and planting malware. Eduard Lucian Mandru, 23, a business studies student from Iasi, Romania, is suspected of breaking into US Department of Defense systems in 2006. A criminal hacker nicknamed "Wolfenstein" accessed sensitive systems at that …


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  1. Edward Miles

    Wait wait wait...

    He faces up to 12 years, where as McKinnon faces up to 70? What's going on in Da States?

  2. Pierre

    OK, let's save some time.

    I suggest we stopped looking for people who broke into the Pentagon system, and focused on an easier task: find the few people around who *didn"t* crack the mighty Merkin Defense systems. That ought to save some time. Then instead of punishing the guilty, we could just give a small recompense to the innocents. A lollipop or something. That ought to save some serious money, too.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The only good hacker is one in prison

    Maybe this scumbum can room with McKinnon at the Iron Bar Hotel?

  4. james
    Black Helicopters


    so gary mckinnon who did bugger all but have a little nosey and leave the occasional text file pointing out the systems insecurity caused $700,000 woth of damage, but some nefarious oik who actually infected systems and wiped logs only caused $35,000 damages?

    scapegoat much?

    or are they just afraid mckinnon discovered info on their evil lizard masters in skin suits?

  5. mike


    Clearly McKinnon is a 'greater threat' to America than a trojan-laying Romanian. Talk about priorities.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Read the Article again

    He is being tried in Romania not the US. The UK declined to prosecute mckinnon . If he was extradited to the US he would face the same charges as mckinnon .

  7. Sillyfellow


    james has it right.

    it's what has been found out (as in Mckinnon's case), that scares the 'authorities'. and not anything other than that. so what do these prosecutors have to say to that?

    people who have committed murder have gotten much lesser sentences. this is all messed up forsure.

    NO to the non-terrestrial commanders. you, nor your government idiot representatives are NOT my leaders.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    *gasps for breath, recovers self control*

    >"One of the few leads investigators had to go on was a Yahoo email address - - linked to the attack. Mandru recently posted his CV on job-seeking websites giving this Yahoo address as his email contact, "

    *loses it again*


  9. Guy


    he probably deleted some of the Bush emails, that's why they're not being as heavy with him.

    Though costing them the equivalent of 2 toilet seats and a desk blotter at NASA, it does seem a little extreme to lose 3 - 12 years of income.

  10. jack
    Thumb Down

    The Masters of the Universe

    So the US defence system is penetrated by a hacker in Romania.... when are we actually going to get to the real issue here which is exactly how piss poor the US defence system is on every conceivable level. MackKnnon is about to be extradited to a kangaroo court by an asre licking government and get a possible life in prison simply for breaching National Security. If it can be breached then surely it is not Nationally Secure? Leave MacKinnon alone or give him a medal or at least give the guy in Romania a job showing America what its IT problem is.

  11. jack

    MacKinnon needs us now

    Look, MacKinnon is about to be shafted bad. Surely it is not beyond the community to organise a mass jamming mail campaign to the White House, 10 Downing Street and all press outlets saying just one message "Leave MacKinnon alone he has suffered enough." They will get the point!

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