back to article China nabs website staff for erotic audiobooks

Authorities behind China's nationwide crackdown on internet pornography have turned their eyes — or rather, their ears — to a less-traditional form of online erotica: dirty audiobooks. Four employees at one of China's largest online audiobook providers,, have been detained for "spreading pornography and harming the …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    What is this big problem with pornography?

    I really do wonder what problem these governments (including the UK) have against pornography?

    Is it a Christian bias?

    Snuff videos, ones involving kids and non-consenting adults - producing these are already against the law for entirely different reasons and rightly so. But consenting adults romping around with other? What harm is there?

    The presence of sexy books and films (and audio tapes) do not impinge on the free liberties of anyone so should certainly not have any concern for governments. As if they haven't got enough problems that ARE their concern like the impending energy crisis, war, starvation, the ruthless subjigation of people by brital regimes, forced prostitution, terrorism. Crikey? Have these people got no imagination or too much time on their hands?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    China's definition of "lewd" media

    Hello, this is Blighty calling. Do you think you could send someone over to help us with our censorship of the web and help us clean up all the extreme pr0nz that people are getting off with? We're moving on to thought control shortly and could use a little assist with that, too; especially as it seems you already have the mechanics of it well in place. Thanks very much.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Uhh... I'm gonna go out on a limb here and suggest that China's obsession with net porn isn't due to a Christian bias. :P

  4. Graham Marsden


    Please, don't perpetuate the myth of the existence of Snuff Movies!

    Thank you.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Porn, and its advertising

    Over the years, I've seen a too much porn in which fairly ordinary images are surrounded by nastily misogynistic promotion and labels. The pictures are essentially of "vanilla" sex, and the women who do it are labelled as somehow defective.

    Many of the people who cry out for more censorship seem to have a very superficial view of their target. They seem able to be fooled by crude special effects, as the history of alleged "snuff" movies shows. I wonder if the anti-porn movement ever gets past the adverts.

    The worrying thing is that this image of women seems to be used to sell porn. Do I want to meet people who are buying it?

  6. VulcanV5

    Let's hear it for China!

    Great place, great government, Tiananmen Square will always stand out as a shining example of a moral crusade. This crack-down on audio porn can only be welcomed in a country where families get evicted so their homes can be demolished to make way for an olympics village, where ugly kids are excised from the record if they're singing at an internationally televised event, where every other factory produces fake-this and fake-that, where organised crime goes all the way up to the government and hundreds die every year as part of the enlightened capital punishment programme (well, when they're not dying from melamine in baby food or various epidemics the government refuses to publicise lest it reflect badly on Communism.)

    Yeah, China. If it can stop naughty books then everything will be fine and the Communist/Capitalist revolution, ensured.

    Back in 1995 we were on a business trip to San Francisco and took our then eight year old son with us. We stayed at the Mandarin Oriental in the city's financial district, round the corner from the Bank of America building. One afternoon the three of us were out for a stroll and saw these two huge black limos outside BoA and a party of Japanese businessmen (obviously VIPs) getting into them.

    We walked back all of 500 yards to our hotel where, surprise surprise, the black limos were disgorging their passengers. Turned out the Japanese businessmen really were VIPs, they had top floor suites above the sky bridge, $600 a night even then.

    We let them use the elevators first and they thanked us in a language we couldn't understand and when our son asked us what they'd said, I told him it was "thank you" in Japanese, at which point one of the hotel duty managers who happened to be standing behind us said: 'Oh no, they're not from Japan. That's a delegation from the Chinese Communist Party, Beijing."

    Way to go, China: keep the peasants poor and the citizenry oppressed / repressed whilst hogging the black limos and the $600 a night suites in running dog capitalist America. It's what Communism was always about.

  7. Dr Patrick J R Harkin


    A rank miscarriage of justice will get Mr Gong banged up. There's nothing funny about that.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    No Title

    The Illuminati are rising!

  9. Cortland Richmond


    How do you say THAT in Chinese?

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