back to article Samsung punts popcorn flicks for pounds

Samsung, in common with the rest of the mobile industry, wants to get into service provision, and today that means downloadable movies for phone and PC - as long as your phone is a Tocco Ultra and your PC runs Windows. The new service comes as part of Samsung's portal, and the company is boasting deals with Warner Bros, …


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  1. A Gould
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    Either that...

    ...or I could buy an DRM unencumbered (might as well be these days) DVD with a bunch of extras, not have to hope that my hard drive doesn't fail (or my phone get nicked) and have something tangible from Amazon for £5.98. Until rights owners realise that people will not pay more for less they are going to have trouble selling downloads - cf. music downloads which are generally cheaper than their CD equivalents.

  2. EvilGav

    So . . .

    . . . they cost more than the DVD, which is a comparable image resolution and in the case of Iron Man actually costs about the same as a Blu-Ray.

    Rip-off ? They've heard of it.

  3. Geoff Johnson
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    Just checked, the DVD is £3.98 at Amazon. Seven quid worth of DRM?

  4. John

    Business Model?

    So Firefox is currently selling for £3.98 on Amazon and Iron Man is £5.98, both on DVD.

    Ermm....I want to download them at the prices Samsung (or iTunes) are charging for what reason?

  5. John Routledge


    The DVD is £4 on ebay - can't see many takers for paying twice the price for a version they can only watch on their phone. Good luck with that.

  6. Richard


    And Amazon will sell you a real DVD for £4. £1.55 will buy you a used copy too.

  7. Bug

    What are they smoking

    Iron Man - 14 quid from Samsung, 10 quid from Itunes, 6 quid for a real DVD including delivery from

  8. Tom


    Firefox is £3.99 on OK, you don't get it instantly, but how can they charge £11 for it as a download? You'd have to be a proper idiot to pay that.

  9. michael


    "getting downloaded movies into the ordinary living room is still a significant challenge"

    with my purchases of a ordinary hd tv I now have 3 options for playing downloaded movies on it

    1. computer into VGA port on back

    my eee pc when plugged into the tv and pressed switch out put button displayed automatic at 1920x1080 and I can play any movies over it. the tv even has a simple seteo jack in for it

    2. vire my xbox 360 inot a hi def port

    3. vire a cheep (£50) xvid dvd player

    both of there play xvid and some other vid formats state off the bat form memory sticks or cards or in the case of the xbox network drives

    but maby you should say "getting downloaded movies witch are in a silly drm'ed format into the ordinary living room is still a significant challenge"

  10. Andrew Culpeck

    What a load ...

    Are you thinking what I an thinking, This is an advert for iTunes

  11. Anonymous Coward

    How much??

    Sorry, is that £14 to DOWNLOAD the bloody thing? Wait several hours and eat up my ISPs download quota?!

    I can probably buy the bloody thing on a real DVD for half that on Amazon...

  12. john.w

    £11 for a 27 year old film!!!!

    No wonder Bit torrents are so popular

  13. Joe K

    11 quid for Firefox??!?!

    Its 4 quid from Play, delivered, and about 2 quid from your average supermarket bargain bucket.

    Who cares about the old shit anyway, give us cinema releases!!

    Going to an actual cinema is a pricey and annoying chore these days, let us use our Home Cinemas with the new stuff and people will be throwing money at them.

  14. Sooty

    well priced!

    "with Iron Man costing £14 from Samsung compared to the tenner iTunes is asking."

    That compares very favourably with the £4.99 it costs on a dvd, that can then be ripped to your device of choice.

  15. Mike Flugennock

    to loosely paraphrase David Lynch...

    ...what kind of sad-ass thinks he can watch a movie on his friggin' _phone?_

  16. Daniel Garcia

    Samsung ODFO

    and the PC (Pro-Copyright) brigade can tell me off,pointing out how evil i am using utorrent/TPB joy-bringer combo of doom. meanwhile i will laugh.

    And i am talking as a Samsung media-able phone owner...and usual buyer of stuff

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