back to article Sun pitches new cloud as 'Open Platform'

As part of its roll-out of the Sun Cloud this morning at the CommunityOne East developer event in New York, the executives in charge of the developer community and cloud efforts at Sun Microsystems provided a little more detail on how it will be promoting not only its own public cloud, but APIs and management tools that will …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    Something tangible

    I saw the Q-layer about a year ago it its pretty hot stuff. The graphical part It looks a bit like Microsoft's Visio but you can setup more than just servers, there are a whole load of virtual appliances (firewalls, VoIP servers, network QoS etc) that you can also click and ceate.

    It's pretty slick as well it should be considering the guys at Q-layer spent 4 years developing it. I know of at least one company that has developed a cloud platform based on Q-layer which is launching very soon. Either way, i hope Sun dont end up part of old big blue as that merger would serously dent the idea of an open cloud platform anytime soon...

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