back to article Microsoft throws Silverlight 3 beta at Adobe

Microsoft has opened a new front in its battle with Adobe Systems, releasing beta code for Silverlight 3 that plugs fundamental gaps in its media player and attempts to out flank Flash. The company opened its annual Mix developer and designer conference by releasing the Silverlight 3 SDK and Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 …


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  1. Dave

    Ha stats!

    "...there had been 350 million installs of Silverlight since 2007..."

    Largely because Silverlight appeared as either a recommended or critical update to Windows in Windows Update. So unless you were monitoring updates and applying them yourself; it would have been automatically installed as a "recommended" update.

    One question though: if SL3 will allow the download of library code, what's to stop malicious code being injected into it? I've not looked at it at all, but does SL have any kind of security context? What can SL do to your machine? Is it as leaky as ActiveX or did MS actually think about security with it?

  2. Adam Azarchs
    Jobs Horns

    Oh so that's what search-engine optimization means

    "...Microsoft's also upped Silverlight's search-engine optimization (SCO) capabilities."

    So now silverlight is being given the capability to sue Linux for copyright infringement?

  3. Daniel

    No WPF required

    Good summary -- just one clarification. Silverlight out of the browser does not require anything bit Silverlight to be installed on the machine -- no WPF required.

    Take care,


  4. Francis Fish

    Yes but does it work if you aren't running Aieee

    well, does it?

    And FF3/linux or Safari

  5. Another Anonymous Coward

    Flash developer here

    Still not interested. As a platform it has the potential to be superior, but without the development tools and community to back it up, I'm not going to be making the switch. There's tons of little widgets I use for flash all the time, from open-source physics engines to custom cameras... all sorts, just browse somewhere like flashden to see the huge amount of useful thingies floating around.

    If MS somehow manages to release a better version of Flash CS4 (very possible considering all the interface flaws), I'll start paying attention. The code is important, but it isn't everything. I need dev tools!

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  7. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Yeah right.

    Trouble with Microsoft today is what they sale to you are no longer what you will get, I have lost faith in reading 'Our product will do this, will do that, more secure than ever, fastest , most user friendly', when you get it, it s totally different, if it were better or same as what they are telling you, great, but almost everything is below par.

    Vista - Most user friendly, faster loading time than XP, blah blah blah, we have shifted 100+ millions of copies... result ? We have Windows 7 coming soon.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Silverlight 2 can already do this

    "Silverlight 3 application can detect the libraries it needs and download them when the application is played, so the developer doesn't' need to pack their application with every single library during the build phase on the off chance they'll be needed."

    Silverlight 2 performs on assembly loading already. Check it out:

  9. IGnatius T Foobar Bronze badge

    Microsoft could have pulled this off in 1997

    Microsoft could have pulled this off in 1997, but not now. No one trusts them anymore.

  10. Lyndon Hills
    Thumb Up

    @Francis Fish

    It works with Safari on a Mac, uses it for their take on the iPlayer.

  11. Francis Offord

    Lack of training

    From the lack of activity I take it that they missed?

  12. Anonymous Coward


    1. Expression Blend is a weak point here. Neither designers nor developers have easy time dealing with it. Their other Expression tools are a little bit better but still not as good as Adobe's CS.

    2. I bet Mac users will hate ClearType in their Silverlight apps just like Windows users hated font rendering in Safari.

    3. Linux anyone? Adobe at least started porting AIR and Flash on Linux. Moonlight 1.0 was just released and it works in Firefox only.

    Finally, if Silverlight is just about 5mb what the hell they've put into .net so it swallowed half a gig of my hard drive? It's even bigger than Adobe Reader! That's ridiculous!

    /Mine's Google fanboy coat with Gears logo.

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