back to article Congress re-mulls ban on wireless tax

The Cell Tax Fairness Act is back, despite having failed to get through Congress last year. The five-year moratorium on local and state wireless taxes is again at the committee stage. The act is proposed by Zoe Lofgren, rep from California's 16th District, but backed by 20 co-sponsors who also want to see states banned from …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    never a tax they don't like

    Won't go anywhere, there isn't a tax that the Dems don't like.

    Their motto "You got something, we'll tax it"

  2. Dave Jones

    Its literally highway robbery....

    There's more to this than you'd think. Having worked in the call rating industry, I've learned that any little municipality with a cell phone tower in its boundaries can pass taxes on calls that pass through that tower.

    What really happens is that "Collection companies", no doubt having egged on the locals with the prospect of ready cash, trawl the call records of the various call carriers for taxable calls. They present the service providers with tax bills and pass on the proceeds to the municipalities, taking a hefty cut for themselves. The providers have to either (a) pay up and eat the cost or (b) employ more companies (who may be related to the collectors) to scan all the local yokel regulations across the USA for tax rates, and then work out how to charge the taxes on to the customer.

    All this from people driving through Podunk by way of Boonsville, calling in for their voice mail along the way.


  3. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Never mind the "dems", idiot

    It's all the politicos in all parts of the country (world). They just can't get enough of our money to fund their luney "spend, spend, spend". Thus the desire to dip into our pockets at each and every turn of the screw. They call it taxes, fees, speeding/red-light tickets, use name it; they have a hand in your shorts feeling around for (they claim) money.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    @ idiot

    Yeah, but it's the dems who have more of a lust for your and my cash. The difference is like someone who has 6 beers vs. a quart of gin a day.

    Wait until this four years is over - the hangover is going to be immense. But then again, most of the sheeple are still wringing their hands over watching the very staged event of whether or not some rich guy's getting a bonus while these pricks are robbing us blind without anyone noticing.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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