back to article Pratt changes name to Bruce Willis

A supermarket shelf-stacker whose bosses ordered him to remove a name badge declaring he was "Bruce Willis" defied the ban by legally changing his name to that of the Die Hard star. Chris Pratt, 20, is nicknamed Bruce by his chums because of his penchant for the action franchise. He explained to the Shropshire Star: “After …


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  1. Frank

    Sits back and waits for Pratt jokes

    Come on :)

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture


    for the incredibly insightful journalism there. Particularly loved the IT angle.

  3. John Macintyre

    well, it's asking for it really

    What a Pratt...

  4. Ash

    Pratt by name...

    Too obvious?

  5. Nick
    Jobs Horns

    Better than the old badge

    Walking around with the label "Pratt" on all day probably isn't good for employee morale.

    You can certainly see the resemblance though, so perhaps his managers were worried about being sued for 'passing off' as the real thing.

    Any way, what with being dead at the start of Sixth Sense and all....

  6. Elmer Phud

    Too many

    He's watched too many of Bruce's 'Dick Head' films

  7. Michael Smith

    Well we know who to call...

    ...if an threatening asteroid needs taking care of.

  8. Luke
    Thumb Up


    I remember my first job at the Coop when I was 16 and having the constant argument about wearing a name badge - Wish I had thought of this one. I would have been Arnold Schwarchenegger though - just to see if they could fit it on.

  9. Gerard Krupa
    Paris Hilton

    Bit of a Wally

    But as anyone with a TV knows thanks to a bloody annoying insurance ad campaign, the bald movie star is actually called Walter Willis, so all he really did was change himself from a Pratt into a Wally.

    At least he didn't name himself after a hotel though.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    Media Stu(de)nt

    "Pratt, who's studying media production at Northumbria University"

    Need anything more be said about him ?

    Perhaps El Reg can follow up and make sure this is not a media stunt by checking that this his change appears in the London Gazette...

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    that's.... that's bad.

    I mean I do random and probably excessive crap to win stupid arguments- driving to Edinburgh for a pint of milk being one. But I'd never do that- and I even have the appropriate hairstyle for that vest.

    Has he actually legally changed his name? Or just said "from now on, I am to be known as..."?

  12. Mark Powell


    Passive-aggressive sticking it to the man! That's the sort of cut-and-thrust go-geting staff our supermarkets need.

  13. Anonymous Coward





    that is all

  14. Stef


    It's a common misconception that you need to go to solicitors to get your name changed, just word the document correctly and get two witnesses - that was good enough to get me a new passport and that got me a new driving licence. PayPal and MBNA Bank have both proudly trumpeted their ignorance of the law by demanding a "Legal stamped document" (shut down accounts, opened new ones)

    Or you can just find a gravestone of suitable age and apply for a birth certificate if you fancy making an even bigger mockery of ID card legislation.

    Hmm, El Reg, I smell a project for you!

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @AC: Thanks


    Try smiling sometime.

  16. Sweep

    @ legality

    IIRC you don't need any sort of documentation to actually change your name, you can just start going by another name. It's when you need to apply for new documents etc, change the name on your bank account that it gets more complicated and they require varyious kinds of proof such as letters signed by a responsible person, an announcement in the local rag etc.

    In Scotland you can go the whole way, down to having your birth certificate changed, in England you can change your name by deed poll or Statutory Declaration (what you did by the sounds of it) and this then over-rides your birth certificate.

  17. Jimbo


    Worth looking at the original story for the comments that follow it - I see the Tw*t-O-Tron has penetrated deepest Shropshire :

    "Tory boy said: Mar 16th, 2009 at 17:36

    people like this are holding bakc business and the red tape (from brussels) which supports this in the name of workers rights should be banned

    shameful episode shows labour isnt working"

    ROFFL !

  18. Francis Offord
    IT Angle

    Another bloody horror actor

    I would offer him the name of the other famous Pratt, William Henry, became Boris Karloff. He was a far better actor as well.

  19. Damien Thorn
    Thumb Down

    oh what a load of

    My names bad enough lol.

    I can understand a pratt wanting to change his name - but to bruce willis - well its understandable why he is stacking shelves and studying media -

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