back to article Google phone OS to transform Linux netbooks, says researcher

Google's Android will be the saviour of the Linux netbook, and we'll start to see small, cheap computers based on the phone-oriented operating system later this year. So suggested market watcher Ovum today after claiming that, despite the early sales successes of Linux-based netbooks, they're now being outsold by Windows- …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Ovum anaylst, who?

    Which Ovum analyst is commenting here?

  2. sage

    Why the need to lock it down?

    I have a G1 with Android on it. It runs on Linux, yet I had to root it to get normal Linux functionality. I have Eeebuntu on my EeePC, and I'm quite happy with it. My only complaint is with the way Gnome handles maximized windows. If the window's too big, clicking anywhere will scroll the window up/down, but that makes it difficult to actually click on buttons and checkboxes in the app. Thinking about trying KDE or Fluxbox on it, but I have limited hd space to work with. Anyhoo, why lock it down and limit functionality? What's next, adding a 3 app rule?

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Why so cheap?

    "Ovum said it expects "back-to-basics" netbooks to appear later this year at the $200 (£142/€154) mark"

    How so? The linux-based netbooks are not $200, so what makes Ovum think Android versions will be any different? It's the hardware that's the limiting factor for the cost of a netbook and since they will almost certainly use Atom processors or the AMD equivalent, I doubt they'll sell for less.

  4. PaulM

    Is C++ available on Android based netbooks?

    I understand that the only development language available on Android based mobile phones is Android Java.

    If it was possible to write C++ applications for a mobile phone then hackers could use them to hijack the phone. By limiting the phone user to Java applications it is possible to ensure that applications are suitably constrained by the Java vistual machine.

    Unfortunately many users of Android based netbooks would want to write high performance C++ applications such as games. These users might be disapointed by the restrictions of running Android on their netbook.

  5. Ru
    Thumb Down

    Re: Is C++ available on Android based netbooks?

    You are confusing mass market with a minority of power users. Manufacturers do not care about the irritating people who want free access to hardware.

    See also: iPhone, jailbreaking the.

  6. Mitch Kent
    Jobs Horns


    Android, originally for the mobile market. Netbooks, mostly a mobile platform. Not really a games machine... That said, I'm pretty sure Java has an obscene market share in mobile gaming anyway. I don't think many will be complaining too hard.

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