back to article Kraft puts foot in big pot of yoghurt?

On 17 February, international nosh monolith Kraft revealed a new logo for Kraft Foods - a "global identity... that it hopes will drive the company forward in its second year of a three-year turnaround plan". The result of a seven-month design process, the image boasts a "stylised red smile" encompassed by seven "flavour burst …


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  1. John Macintyre


    I agree the new logo is shit, but to be fair, the old one is incredibly shit so is there much of an issue? Anyhow I'm sure there's infringement going on here somewhere, or plagiarism. The logo company will make a nice bit of cash though.

    Corporate gone mad... indeed, who cares what the logo looks like, won't make it sell more

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I don't think they should be changing it at all, the original is familiar and recognizable, if a little german. A logo change won't sell more food, making macaroni cheese that isn't bright orange will.

  3. Tanuki
    Thumb Down

    It could have been worse.

    At least they didn't use Comic Sans.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    What precisely was wrong about the old KRAFT logo?

    It worked fine... so why this new happy-happy-joy-joy version?

  5. Elmer Phud


    "At least they didn't use Comic Sans."

    What? the fall-back of corporates who feel the need to emphasise 'fun'?

    How very dare you! we put up with a lot of swearing round here but use of the'C' word should mean no pleasant visit from the Moderatrix but straight to the ducking stool in the cess pit.

    Please, think of the children!

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    >by seven "flavour burst" icons each of which represents "a different division of Kraft’s business".

    If we, the unwashed masses, have to be told the significance of the number of bits that make up the logo then it was pointless telling us. Neither am I impressed by that rather dashing smile, when I thought it was a stalk I was at least not confused. Now I see a flower head poking out of the corner of somone's mouth. Just imagine what a mouthful it would be if they had employed the same thinking for Heinz and their 57 varieties.

    And as for "flavour burst", that's been nicked from Opal Fruits.

  7. Conrad Longmore

    Not the same logo in North America

    The Yoplait logo you have is the one used in Europe, the one used in North America is rather different (where it is a franchise owned by General Mills).

    I'll get my anorak.

  8. The Fuzzy Wotnot
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    One thing...

    It isn't circular! Sick and tired of that trend over the last few years, all the rebrands using new circular logos, to suggest they the company in question will disappear up it's own fundament during the next recession!

  9. Dave


    Come on, get over it. I mean its not like it could be mistaken for a Meerkat, is it?

  10. Stef

    Rebranding worthy of Consignia

    I wonder how many millions were pissed away on that?

    Also worthy - the SciFi channel's change to SyFy - which means filth in Polish.

  11. Juan Inamillion

    Creovative (tm)

    Who in the hell persuaded a corporate like Kraft that a new 'global identity' i.e. a new logo, was going to 'drive the company forward'. Man, they could sell 'fridges to Eskimos (sorry, that's non-PC - Inuits).

    Not only that they sold them a crock of shit. Dreadful "design"...

    /with a copy of 'Who Moved My Blackberry?' in the pocket.

  12. Anonymous Coward

    tentacle of yoghurtmonger Yoplait

    And I can well imagine the probing they are going to get from Yopliat's legal tentacles....

    Sorry Dave; it IS rather meerkatish.

  13. RW

    More "management" and "marketing" bullshit

    Some marketer <spit> has convinced some manager <spit> that people buy, or don't buy, their products because of the logo design.

    Or maybe it was a rogue graphic designer masquerading as a marketer?

    Common sense tells you that the world just doesn't operate that way, but then common sense seems to be in very short supply in the executive suites of the world.

    This is not news.

    Tux, because he's a logo with many different versions and they all work equally well.

    Or is Tux a lady penguin?

  14. Hayden Clark Silver badge

    Kraft "foods"

    That's the mistake, right there. In some cases, what Kraft sells isn't "food".

    They have had to relabel some products to *remove* the word "food"

  15. Bad Beaver
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    Corporate dimwittism

    "Hey guys, now we have a globally established brand whose strength of awareness is a century in the making, what shall we do?"


    "Awesome idea! Now pass me the pipe!"

  16. LaeMi Qian
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    When a company has to resort to brand differentiation... know that product differentiation is over for them. Just another generic in expensive packaging.

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oh crap = we're going to see more of this

    Marketing companies are having a tough time now that advertising revenues are falling. But hello! Perhaps they have a new victim - all they have to do is persuade a vulnerable company that falling sales aren't down to a global economy in the toilet, but rather to out-of-date branding. In exchange for a couple of million, everything will be all right thanks to the Columbian nose candy brigade and the liberal application of swooshes and lower-case sans serif to everything.

    It's going to be terrifying.

    SyFy as Stef mentioned above is like applying a cheesegrater to the eyeball - but the strapline 'Think Greater' is somehow even worse.

  18. Anonymous Coward

    But do they...

    ...still make that disgusting "cheese"?

  19. Adrian Esdaile

    In communist Russia...

    ALL logos must be in Bold 20pt Helvetica, black on white. No exceptions.

    This puts everyone on a even footing, relying only on the quality of product, not fancy psychological tricks to survive.

    Still waiting for the great leap forward.

  20. Pete
    Paris Hilton

    new spelling too...


    Paris - smothered in yoghurt...

  21. b166er

    Can anyone tell me what the difference

    between yoghurt and yogurt is?

    Is the former actually made from cows milk while the latter made from whatever they had spare?

  22. Anonymous Coward

    7 Divisions?

    Clearly the Cheese division wrote the marketing pap. Can anyone name the other 6?

    Geeky specs because all Kraft food comes from a lab - except Vegemite; it comes from heaven.

  23. Anonymous Coward
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    @ Stef

    "Also worthy - the SciFi channel's change to SyFy - which means filth in Polish."

    No, it doesn't.

  24. Anonymous Coward
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    another similar

    have you compared it with masterfood logo? very bad situation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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