back to article California: Cisco gives out some details, finally

Yesterday's launch of the California blade system by Cisco Systems was a little short on the feeds, speeds, and pricing information. But if you want someone to buy a funky new data center gadget, you have to be a little more specific, and luckily Cisco has some server people who understand this. Dante Malagrino, director of …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    48 DIMM Slots

    Cisco in a launch briefing here locally said the full-width 2 socket blade will have 48 DIMM slots so 384GB memory with 8GB DIMMS.

  2. James O'Brien

    Want to be the first to ask...

    So if its named California is it going to have rolling disc failures as well?

    /I know where the door is

  3. John Sanders

    Where is...?

    The brand new Cisco 8xx modular with a x86/ARM, 2gb Ram and a 250gb hd so I can have my super duper Cisco IOS router plus an embedded Linux server?

    Come on Cisco!

  4. Mark C

    @48 DIMM Slots

    Yep - we got the same here

  5. Anonymous Coward


    So if you need low latency i/o then you have to use local disk? Is that what they are saying?

    This is not promising.

    Stateless is not the same as disk-less. Please could we try to communicate more clearly?

  6. Pantelis
    Thumb Down

    A DVD Drive?

    A DVD drive on a blada? Either Cisco has lost the plot or your reporter needs to run a system diagnostic. Chassis have drives and the not all of them. Most of the time you go for remote media because nobody wants to stand in front of a blade chassis in a datacentre swapping disks. Besides the DVD drive would take up extremely valuable real estate in the blade server for no real benefit unless Cisco has not been able to work up a remote media solution in which case I would not even go close to those boxes no matter how much RAM they can pack in.

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