back to article Pandemonium at NYC 'Top Model' audition

Fears that the exciting world of international modelling had lost its edge following Naomi Campbell's apparent retirement from bitchslapping pugilism were evidently groundless - a fact confirmed by a New York audition for America's Next Top Model which ended in panic and chaos with six people injured and three cuffed. …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    This article is totally

    in need of pictures. And the IT angle is...

  2. Piers


    ...or it didn't happen!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Footage here

    more detail on the incident - not sure if it's true about the shouts of 'bomb!' when the car broke down. Shouts of 'chocolate' would have caused more panic I reckon! :)

  4. Rick
    Paris Hilton

    From other sources

    You can see a car over heating and smoking someone yelled "bomb" or "fire" which started the initial wave. From there it all broke loose. Another Source stated a gust of wind came through.

    /Paris Cause she knows something about modeling.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Could it be that the man who induced the panic, works for CW network ?

    The show for that incident will probably attract quite some viewers.

    Next year they might use a real fire for better effects?!

  6. slack
    Paris Hilton

    Publicity stunt

    That is all.

    /Paris because I love her with every fiber of my soul.

    //And I'd give her one too

  7. michael


    bootnotes need no it angle other wize they would not be bootnotes

  8. James Farrell

    Sounds like a Lynx advert to me

    1. large group of "models"

    2. clothes and shoes left in street

    3. ... I'll be back in a bit...

  9. TeeCee Gold badge

    Poor form.

    "clothes and shoes were abandoned in the street as women tried to escape the melee"

    Obviously not the sort of crowd likely to do well at the audition then. I reckon this was just part of the interview process. Anyone left lying on the pavement, downtrodden, seriously injured and bloodied, but still in posession of their handbag and Jimmy Choos, passes.

  10. weirdcult

    Not a bomb

    I blame Wolowitz.

  11. Mike Flugennock

    Links to fotos and video via NY Daily News

    Oh, and you gotta' love the writing style:


    Pandemonium erupted outside an "America's Next Top Model" casting call in midtown yesterday when an overheating car triggered a stampede of catwalk-craving cuties.

    Screaming as they ran for their lives, hundreds of hotties in heels toppled over barricades along W. 55th St. after several people in the crowd started yelling, "There's a bomb!"

    By the time the model madness ended, six women were injured and two women and one man were busted for inciting a riot, authorities said.

    "The girls were running like it was 9/11 part two," said Jennifer Brown, 27, of Kensington, Brooklyn. "I feared for my life."


    And, here's my favorite foto from the NYDN "slide show". Just a representative slice of what some of these chicks thought Top Models dressed like. Looks more like good old-fashioned hoes to me:

    ...and I dig this one, too: "goddammit, and I wanted to be a model so bad!":

    Y'all should absolutely check out the video, apparently shot from the upper floors of a building across the street. There's something perversely hilarious about it, somehow...not to mention that from that vantage point, the mass screaming sounds like nothing if not an early Beatles gig.

    Arrr-rrr, bring me one of those skinny wenches.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    GTA 4 said it best......

    America's Next Top Hooker.

  13. James O'Shea

    re ac 16:41

    no, they're _not_ America's Next Top Hookers. They're not even New York State, or even New York City's Next Top Hookers. They might make Manhattan's Skankiest Hos... if they worked hard enough.

  14. Glenn Charles

    You know, really...

    There should be one of these contests for The Register writers. Mind you, contemplating the screen plays seems offhand a bit daunting.


  15. Anonymous Coward

    Yes yes Flugennock & O'Shea

    Because clearly, fully clothed and underage black females not spanked with a trowel of makeup the way your average teenager is ought to be fodder by adult males to be targeted and stereotyped as "hoes" and skanky to boot. Hoe and Skanky, why it's the new Venus Hottentot! A few of you need jumping back into the womb for retrofitting and removal of fail, clearly you're not 'done' yet.

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