back to article Right-wing Oz politico in nude snaps rumpus

A right-wing Australian politician has protested that nude snaps published (NSFW) in Oz's Sunday Telegraph are not her in a state of advanced undress as captured by a former boyfriend back in the mid-1970s. Pauline Hanson, a former fish-and-chip shop owner who in the 1990s enjoyed a degree of celebrity as founder of the anti- …


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  1. Anonymous John

    "I had the best Harley in town"

    Thought that was a 1970s euphemism for a moment.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    did she have the gender reassignment operation?

  3. Dominic Kua

    This is a shop

    I can tell by the pixels and that I've seen other shops before,

  4. Kevin Nolan
    Black Helicopters


    I didn't know they had cunsumer digital cameras back in the '70s...

  5. Lionel Baden


    I am not sure but cant a lady after pregnancy become a outie ????

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Well in this country...

    she could claim its extreme and get all the paper arrested :|

    maybe her boy friend comes from a 'land down under'

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    And the jury says..............

    It's Hanson. The hideous make-up and boxer looks are still the same. I've seen bigger boobs on a garden sparrow

    I don't know what she is bleating about, her flagging racist party could do with a little media "exposure" right now.

    I'm voting Paris coz she's a babe and not a boot, oh and no racist politics either.

  8. Adam Williamson
    Thumb Down

    @AC 14:09

    so, AC - you're dead set against racism but apparently not above a bit of boorish male chauvinism. Good to know! Maybe you could set up a 'One Sex' party?

  9. Alistair

    Jack Johnson

    I was wondering what he's been up to recently.

    Unless thats another euphemism.

  10. Loki

    Always at election time?

    She says: This always happens right on election time and it is terribly embarrassing.

    Really??? That's unfortunate.

  11. Anonymous Coward

    Nude Jailbird in papers.

    I'm really surprised Hanson was allowed back into politics after she got jailed for fabricating membership levels in her party in order to obtain funding.

    She's the Oz equivalent of the National Front - I just wish people wouldn't keep giving her the publicity she craves.

  12. Stef


    Not Safe For Stomach more like!

    Mind you, some people found Thatcher attractive.

  13. Sillyfellow

    it's her

    it's her alright. faces may change but eyes do not.

    lying politician?.... surely not. lol.

  14. matt
    Paris Hilton

    Vote Hanson for total law enforcement

    "The pair were drunk - Hanson on Passion Pop, Johnson on IMPORTED beer."

    So it's all the fault of foreigners! What Aus needs is a more right wing government to protect its population from the effects of degenerate imported beer.

    Paris, because she'd never get drunk and do a nudie photo session with anyone

  15. Tony

    Argh! My eyes!

    It's all very well putting a NSFW warning, but what about a 'BWTUS' (Beaten with the ugly stick) warning?

    Just because some of us can get away with looking at nudie pictures during our working day doesnt mean that we wish to look at naked munters. You have put me right off my coffee.

  16. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: NSFW?

    See, maybe it's because I have a strong stomach for visual atrocities, but I've never looked at any picture of any healthyish naked person regardless of gender, relative attractiveness or size and felt *nauseous*. How does that work? I think there is some fibbing going on. Either that or you are all tremendous blouses or tragic souls who should probably investigate the source of that Pavlovian "non-perfect naked people *ewww*" response in therapy.

    (Yes, I know she's a big old fascist, but aesthetically she looks no worse in those pics than, say, Rumer Willis. Does she?)

  17. kissingthecarpet

    @Kevin Nolan

    "I didn't know they had cunsumer digital cameras back in the '70s..."

    They didn't & the article doesn't suggest they did - note the key word "digitising".

    What's a "cunsumer" anyway, something to do with cunnilingus or what?

  18. Anonymous Coward


    how is it possible for someone to be as much of a minger *40* years ago s they are now...even Anne Widdecombe looks better at that age. *regurgitates his meat pie floater* The worst thing is I have a recent chance of bumbing into her...thats worse than tubgirl.

    Warning...because I wish I had headed it.

  19. Anonymous Coward

    Leaked by the Aus govt... bolster their case for net censorship....and they'd have a point with these.

  20. Openminded Cynic
    Paris Hilton

    I'd hit it

    That is all

  21. Tony

    @Sarah Bee

    'aesthetically she looks no worse in those pics than, say, Rumer Willis. Does she?'

    I have no idea who that is but have already reached my quota for unattractive naked people for the day so can't bring myself to google him/her/it...

    My comment was mostly tongue in cheek (oo-er) as although my girlfriend is a goddess (I kid you not) I am hardly the most perfect physical specimen myself. You should all be thankful there are no naked pics of me on t'interwebs. Just on DVD... 'Flabby, tip-ex white sys-admins gone wild!'

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Jack Johnson?

    Is this the Jack Johnson of crap music fame?

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    They should have pixelated her face - in the interests of humanity.

  24. Tony

    @Openminded Cynic

    "I'd hit it"

    With a bat or a car?

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    The newspaper checked to see if any of the photo pixels had been doctored...

    When the shots were taken, digital photography was not an option, so the analogue negatives must be around somewhere,

  26. John Smith Gold badge

    It could all have been photo-shopped.

    But I'm lost as too why

  27. Chris C

    Why is this an issue?

    Could someone please explain to me why this is an issue? It seems that whenever pictures or a video is released of someone having sex, society in general says "Oh my, what a tramp! Let's ruin his/her career/life!" Why? You didn't think the person was celibate, did you? So if you already thought the person was sexually active, then why do photos or a video affirming your assumption cause any reaction at all, expecially a negative one?

    Similarly, and more to the point of this article, why does a person posing nude thirty years ago have any bearing on their career/life today? Even if posing nude is taboo to you, you have to admit that people change, and people can change quite a bit in thirty years. Add to that the fact that young people often do things without thinking of the consequences, and you're likely to find things that would be out-of-character with who they are when they're thirty years older.

  28. Aaron Gilliland
    Thumb Down

    Willie said it best...

    Back to the Loch with you, Nessie.

  29. michael

    @Sarah Bee

    yes but you work around it journalist so you might be desensitised



    somone who buys porn or makes it them self

  30. Anonymous Coward

    Rather see nekkid snaps of her as a young girl

    than nekkid snaps of Gordon Clown...yuk!

  31. elderlybloke
    Paris Hilton


    I tried to look at the photos but got a "can't find page" statement.

    After I had got myself all worked up at the prospect.

    They did show the pics , briefly on TV but I want a good look.

    Getting near 80 and my memory is fading.

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