back to article Sega Mega Drive to be revived next month

Thumbs at the ready, because the Sega Mega Drive’s set to make a comeback within weeks. Blaze_Sega_Mega_Drive Blaze's Sega Mega Drive: retro action Although slightly slimmer than the original model, the redesigned retro console has been developed by Blaze International and will be released by online retailer – to …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    ????? Since When

    "Get lost, PlayStation"

    Since when have those children at UKResistance been posting "news" here?

  2. Helen-LG

    Alex Kidd! Dear lord..

    Proper old skool gaming there! Wouldn't mind getting one of these, I must admit. Although most of our old faves are now available on other formats aren't they? I know Sonic is..

  3. Nick
    Thumb Up

    Missed the boat?

    That would be cool, if only Sega hadn't already released all the Megadrive games I wanted to play on the Xbox 360 Live Arcade. Oh well, I'm sure they'll still sell at least 10 of them.

  4. Kevin

    Ah. PROPER Gaming at last.

    For those who are addicted to Playstations, XBoxes and even Wii's, we're back to what the essence of gaming is.


    Not the fancy graphics (although eyecandy never hurts), not the gazzlion lines of specs, but the actual gaming.

    If I had the space, this would be on the rack in a flash....

  5. Ammok


    I'm having one of those, whoohooo!!! and at that price maybe one each for the kids houses, early chrissie pressies or happy easter maybe. It's gonna sell millions when word gets out. yummy.

  6. adam
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    There's no school like old school!

    Even though I still have my original Mega Drive in full working order (boxed as well) I might decide to get this.

    If it has fully compatibility for existing Mega Drive games then i'm so buying this.

  7. Chris

    @ Kevin

    Well.. you SAY that... but after an hour or two of struggling with the frustrating difficulty of retro games, I usually find myself reaching for the flashier (and yes I admit it; easier) modern equivalents.

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