back to article Geo-located malware appears over the horizon

Malware authors have incorporated technology designed to find the geographic location of prospective marks as a tactic to enable more convincing social engineering scams. A new variant of the Waledac worm uses an email message claiming a "dirty bomb" explosion in order to tempt the gullible into visiting a maliciously- …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oh for fu...

    ...cks sake. When will these people learn to produce something that looks like it was written by a native English speaker? And for double fucks sake when will the idiots who fall for this learn that the likes of Reuters don't write gibberish like that?

  2. Peter Simpson
    Thumb Down

    Heh...doesn't work if you have scripting disabled

    Just got it. Opened the email on my Linux system with Firefox and NoScript, and it reads as follows:

    "Powerful explosion burst in this morning.

    At least 12 people have been killed and more than 40 wounded in a bomb blast near market in . Authorities suggested that..."

    Nice try.

  3. kain preacher

    @Oh for fu...

    Well lately I have been getting stuff that was written by some who seems like they are a native English speaker . But they have tale tale signs. Like saying they are an American business man but use British spelling . Hmmm why are spelling it colour, tyre . My favorite is when they clearly have no knowledge the region . Classic craigs list scam. I need some to house sit and collect money from( yes he said from instead of for. Its the little things that trip them up ) me. Then he sent my a generic picture of a house . Only one problem house in San Francisco rarely have parking on both side of the street . The road looks like its regular maintained. Any one in the area would fall out laughing seeing what suppose to be a house in SF with grass gowning in the front lawn . Well unless its the kind you smoke . The kicker was the huge back yard with a pool.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    And when will... employer not block websites "related to computer security"? Surely allowing people to educate themselves and therefore help protect their network is a good thing?

    Bah. Mondays.


  5. dexen
    Paris Hilton

    Slightly off-topic

    Adobe claims over 90% market penetration of its Flash Player, right? Yet it's so easy to trick people into installing Flash Player those days. Makes me wonder, if it really is over 90% machines with Player installed? Or is it much less, causing people install it again and again.

    Paris, cause she'd get higher click-through rate than any 'splosion, atomic or otherwise.

  6. raving angry loony

    some facts:

    Trojan hosted at, where traceroute is denied after reaching level3 in dallas:

    traceroute to (

    13 (

    14 (

    I'm surprised the website is still up and running actually, given the amount of time it's been going by now. Someone isn't paying attention.

    The story with really REALLY bad English, with a copied Reuters logo at the top:

    Powerful explosion burst in [insert city] this morning.

    At least 12 people have been killed and more than 40 wounded in a bomb blast near market in [insert city]. Authorities suggested that explosion was caused by "dirty" bomb. Police said the bomb was detonated from close by using electric cables. "It was awful" said the eyewitness about blast that he heard from his shop. "It made the floor shake. So many people were running"

    Until now there has been no claim of responsibility.

    I mean, that English is worse than many of the comments here. It HURTS to read it!

  7. steve-C

    No fear

    A huge dirty bomb has exploded in a tiny and insignificant town in N. Ireland. Yeah, believable. Doubly so since mad middle eastern types wont attack their "mates" in the local terrorists. Money from America > Irish Terrorists > Middle eastern terrorists (who use it to attack US interests) , the world has a poetic sheen to it some days.

    And apart from our local godtards, NI must be the safest place on the planet.

    Always Tux.

  8. Moss Icely Spaceport

    Hugh explosion!

    Look out behind you!

  9. Anonymous Coward


    If I got that email from most of my UK ISPs I would have a quick chuckle about the fact that Slough or Cheltenham had just gone up and then carry on safe in the knowledge that I am a good 300 miles from them.

  10. Wize

    That will be fun here...

    All our web activity is passed via a proxy server in another part of europe. I'll be ignoring any explosions in Holland from now on.

    Pain in the arse when some site tries to filter on location. like the BBC.

  11. michael

    geo ip lookup

    if that is the same as the girls who pop up on the adds who want my hot body then they are all in Edinburgh when i am in Oxford

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