back to article Cisco throws California virt-server gauntlet

The gauntlet has been thrown. Cisco Systems launched its "California" Unified Computing System today in a 14-city IPTV extravaganza, with the key partners it has tapped to provide components to the system showing up to talk - and talk a lot - about what this all means. Pity that all this talk was a little light on the details …


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  1. Sarah Jameson
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    Cisco California Server = FAIL

    Give me a break, their basic systems are half as dense as what HP or Sun are offering, and the pricing my rep just reviewed with me was about 25% ABOVE what the traditional vendors are offering. For what? Reseller prices on VMware, Windows and RHEL?

    John, proprietary high margin networking businesses are going the way of the awk, it's time to think again. The server business is brutally competitive - that means you actually have to pay attention to the competition...

  2. dedmonst

    strange new language?

    > If you wanted to translate that into plain American

    What is this strange new language that folks at Cisco launches are speaking TPM? Last time I checked people in the US spoke ENGLISH.

    ... mines the one with an ENGLISH dictionary in the pocket

  3. Tony


    'Last time I checked people in the US spoke ENGLISH.'

    Sorry to be pedantic, but they speak 'American English'.

    It's like real English but with more z's and less u's.

  4. Noel Grandin


    Sounds like they're trying to build a mainframe out of commodity parts...

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Why are they planning to sell so high up?

    "...It's an executive conversation..."

    i.e. skip over those that actually know what they are talking about and could evaluate the options and sell directly to those that are not technical, but like a good steak dinner.

    Chambers has been learning: straight out of a certain storage company's playbook.

  6. Dave

    Regarding 2009 spending...

    "In 2009, this kind of talk is just silly."

    In 2009, governments, especially California's (hence the product name?) will be looking to consolidate data centers, and CISCO will very likely wish to compete for large, lucrative contracts. I'm sure other big projects that promise savings will get legislative support, as well.

    Somehow, governments keep going ang growing despite the woes of taxpayers... CISCO knows this.

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