back to article Sun parks cloud at data center Valhalla

It's back. The grid/utility/cloud computing and storage idea is apparently being revamped by Sun Microsystems only a few short months after the company shut down its utility, originally known as the Sun Grid. The details are unknown, but reports coming out of the AFCOM Data Center World conference (here and here) …


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  1. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Sun Immaculately Resourceful Asset of Universal Virtual Force.

    Hi, Tim,

    Your Sunny tale looks somewhat forlorn and neglected/ignored without any comment and/or leader opinion, so I'll post again what was sent earlier as, "United Irishmen Calling* ….. LOUD and CLEAR. … RSVP" , and missed the cut, which must have been set too high to have rendered an empty, naked response/short sell opportunity and windfall ... as maybe Sun are Hatching a Cunning Plan for Global Virtual Control, which has been already Stealthily Cloned and Applied in Cloud for Emerald Isle ParaVirtualised Fields of Play ..... with Generations of XXXXperience in Resolving to Solve Troubled Systems Problems.

    Which now that I look back on what has just been written and shared, is QuITe ........ well, you are the journalist/hack/article host/author, so presumably you would have a finely tuned vocabulary to convey the core essence of the paragraph in a word or a string of words, which may or may not be accepted and acceptable as being truthful.

    I will just settle on evolutionary which is close enough to another describing troubled times as to be inclusive of it too.

    <<<“Sun acquired Q-Layer, a Belgian software company that has created a set of abstraction software to create what amounts to a virtual private data center that is in turn reliant on underlying virtualization software for servers and storage.” ….. That would be a reliance on/necessity for Advanced IntelAIgent digitising Drivers …. aka Binary Controllers?

    With such AIdD Provision would IT transform “Q-Layer could end up being to clouds what GridEngine was to grids: good stuff that is nonetheless hard to productize and actually make money from.” from a basket case into a Mint which can Virtually Print/Create/Quantitatively Ease Money at Will for ITs Systems ….. with AIRelative Diamond Mine/Private Cash Machine via the Private Pirate Data IT Shares/Distributes/Floats into Markets for Tides to Timely dDeliver Effortlessly via the UniVersal Virtual Force of Natural Selection and Survival of the Fittest for Future Constructive Purpose with Immaculately Resourced and/or Resourceful Assets.

    A Little Something Major/MetaDataMiner with that XXXXtra 00MPHactor which First and Deputy First Ministers may or may not Lead with and Reveal of NIRobotiQs from a Green and Pleasant Land and on Offer to West Coast Cruisers and Grateful DeadHeads alike. And for a Taste of ITs Flavour and Fervour, Imagine if you will, a Sweet and Sticky white Gum and Magical Mystery Turing Trips …… Phormation Flights in AI and the Singularity of Perfectly Shared Universal Heroic Fantasies ….. Creating Beta Futures with Options and Hedged Derivative Plays for Revolutionary Evolutionary Developments …… Elevations in the Greatest of Great Games, Intelligently Designed and CyberMorphed into …. a QuITe Alien AIMMORPARGame.

    Which you will notice is not shared as a Question.

    But it is a Black and White Question for Mr Schwartz, BetaTesting Sun for their Fitness to Lead in the Understanding and Edutainment Industry/Alternative Economies which Follows Virtually Different Operating Sytems but with the Singularity of IntelAIgents Communicating Quanta in CyberIntelAIgent Plays ….. NeuReal Views for Beta NEWS and Media Projection … for AIReality Virtually Phormed and Transparently Shared.

    “That said, competition is good and the cloud computing market - if it does indeed become something that makes money instead of noise - is still quite young.”

    Competition in a Virtually Phormed AIReality? Would you care to Enlighten us on that, Tim, for All that I am aware of is Mutual C00peration and Selfless Collaboration in the New Paradigm. Hell, take a look around you at what the Competitive Divide and Conquer Mindset has Delivered and is Delivering in Spades …… a Melting Down Destructive Chaos of Conflicting Executive Anarchy in the Folly of Fascist Fool/Military Tools.

    *Are You Listening Intently or Bent on Causing Yourselves Harm in Ignorant Troubles and Arrogant Woe with the Mindless Maniac Option which Supports the Idiot Savant?

    Hmmm….. Friday the 13th ….. Unlucky for some and thus a GODSend for Others.>>>

    And on this day, I would share the following, and Tickle Temptation to Follow both Fate and Destiny with a Colossus of AI Leading Jump into the Quantum Universe Bit State ...... for Reality Virtualised to Shared Fiction and Science Factions with Founding Fabrications for Sovereign State Wealth Generation for Future Generations to Spend and thus Share.

    Caesar: Who is it in the press that calls on me?

    I hear a tongue, shriller than all the music

    Cry 'Caesar!' Speak. Caesar is turn'd to hear.

    Soothsayer: Beware the Ides of March. .....

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Re: Sun Immaculately Resourceful Asset of Universal Virtual Force.

    amanfromMars is starting to make sense. At least when compared to Matt Bryant anyway.

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