back to article Sun beefs servers with SSDs

Server maker Sun Microsystems took a shining to flash-based solid state disks (SSDs) in late 2007, and today, it will finally announce SSD modules that plug into its entry and midrange server lineup. The company has already put SSDs in its "Amber Road" storage arrays, launched last November as the not-so-tersely named Sun …


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  1. Kevin Hutchinson
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    Intel loves ZFS

    It's no coincidence that Intel are chuffed about their new ZFS-friendly CRC32 instruction in the latest Xeon chips which you'll find in Sun's Galaxy line of X64 servers. See

  2. Anonymous Coward
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    Open Flash Module

    Wow this is very interesting. I see that effort as likely to become the next hw standard for SSD.

    It took me at least 3 minutes of googling to find the link of the announcement the article is talking about. Here it is:

    Timothy, please add more links to your next articles next time.

  3. John Chadwick

    Won't ne able to afford - $1,199

    I guess it depends why you want SSDs. At 32Gb, we'll buy them on performance critical deliveries, as we can mitigate some of the cost of risk reduction. But I can see our hosting division wanting them, as they don't give them anything they need.

    High performance disks make sense when you have middleware that needs local cache storage for hydration. Mind you, we'll probably find some new bottlenecks to replace the ones local I/O causes.

    Twas ever thus.

    PS you can't expect a new wizzy device to be cheap, where would capitalism be if everything went straight to commodity. I can't see Intel selling it's latest and fastest processors for $100, although, I expect they could.

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