back to article Critical kernel fix stars in Patch Tuesday updates

Microsoft released the promised three patches on Tuesday, including one critical, as part of its regular Patch Tuesday update cycle. The critical patch in the batch (MS09-006) covers input validation vulnerabilities in the Windows kernel. The flaws create a possible mechanism for hackers to inject hostile code onto vulnerable …


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  1. Pierre

    Unpatched? Really?

    My patch is working fine. Name's Gnumeric. (though OpenOfice might work, too). It also fixes a whole lot of non-security bugs and annoyances that render Excel close to unusable for purposes other than home bookkeeping.

  2. g00p

    @ Pierre

    Mate, ur completely forgetting the fact that Excel isn't <i>just</i> used by home users & small businesses.

    All well and good having such a clever suggestion - but how would propose companies as big as...say..HSBC for example..would implement a brand new application to do the same thing?

    You'd have to look at reworking almost ALL processes involving the application (which, beleive me, is pretty substantial), retrain all staff, rewriting apps which aren't compatible with anything other than Excel..

    I'm all for GNU, I say it time and time again, but come on man..wakey wakey!

  3. Pierre

    @ g00p

    "ur completely forgetting the fact that Excel isn't <i>just</i> used by home users & small businesses."

    Which is a shame as it's the only things Excel should (maybe) be trusted with. This piece of crap is notoriously unreliable (we hear from time to time about multi-million dollars cockups due to Excel bugs, how many more stay hidden?). And don't get me started about using Excel for non-financial purpose.

    I'm not a big fan of spreadsheets anyway, but one thing is sure, when I HAVE to use one it's anything but Excel. Unlike... say... HSBC for example, I can't afford errors in ma math.

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