back to article National Semiconductor to lay off 1,725

National Semiconductor announced Wednesday that it would immediately lay off 850 employees and follow those layoffs with an additional 875 over the next "several quarters" as the company closes two plants: one in Suzhou, China and a second in Arlington, Texas. The layoffs, which will total 26 per cent of the analog and mixed- …


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  1. easyk

    close one

    Wow, that plant (Arlingon) is 4 blocks from my house. I guess I should have gotten my regulators from them instead of Linear Tech. Its just that Linear has a nicer website.

  2. Richard

    How the mighty have fallen

    The big blue NS databooks were really coveted in the 80's. Far more so than the TI data books because they were harder to get hold of. TI would throw them at you by by the box, where as NatSemi were far more frugal.

    I wonder if getting data out to Engineers was the reason for NS' demise and TI's success?

  3. Sureo

    NS databooks...

    I have two of those books, from 1978 and 1980. I didn't realize they were so rare. They're still useful today, especially when the computer is not handy.

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