back to article Apple allows Twitterers to f**k the iPhone

Apple has decided that Twitterers will henceforth be able to access profanity via the iPhones and iPod touch, Cnet reports. The company intially declined to offer application Tweetie 1.3 in its App Store because it allows access to "Twitter Trends", which excitingly "displays the most frequent topics or words on Twitter at any …


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  1. Tony Hoyle

    So are they going to ban safari?

    I can pull up pages with all sorts of naughty words on them in Safari. Is that to be banned too? And what i I get an email in which someone swears! Shock, Horror!

    That said, twitter doesn't work too well on the iphone anyway due to the lack of background apps. You lose the real time nature of it.

  2. Ron Murray


    Don't know about Tweetie, because I've not tried it. I have, however, had an app called "Twitter Trend" on my iPhone for several weeks now, and it displays, you guessed it, Twitter trends. And it's free.

    Don't get too excited, though. Not only have I never seen the F word on it (although I must confess that I don't look at the app very often), not even the A word, but if you're looking for something interesting, you're going to be sadly disappointed. As i write, these are the top few entries on the "Hot" list:

    American Idol

    app store

    Blogs Losing Chris Brown

    full moon

    Happy Holi (sic)

    iPhone app

    iPod Touch

    Jimmy Fallon

    Jon Stewart

    Mind-boggling stuff, I'm sure. And it doesn't get any better, believe me.

  3. TeeCee Gold badge

    Another Twitter-related thing?

    Fuck that.

    Hey, Apple are right! It *does* cause obscene language.....

  4. EdZeeIdiot

    iPod Tooshie

    is mildly obscene, but the "Apple Dictionary" definition of iPod is saucy.

    pod 1 |päd|


    1 an elongated seed vessel of a leguminous plant such as the pea(nis), splitting (something or someone) open on both sides when ripe.

    But that is a relief me kids won't be allowed to browse smut using Safari.

    /mine's the bracketty one.

  5. AngrySup

    "Young...and working out the kinks..."

    Well yes, considering the amount of cash that flows through the 'kinks'. The coat, because this isn't polite conversation.

  6. John Bayly

    Of course it should have been allowed in the first place

    "must not contain any obscene..."

    It's doesn't contain the profanity, it just provides access to a site that displays them.

    Not that I have an iPhone or use Twiiter, but it's a really bad idea to have a company censoring software for their devices. Can you imagine the outcry if Dell / Microsoft said that you're not allowed to install Firefox or OpenOffice. And some people think Apple is a cool company even though it behaves like this.

    Come on Apple lovers, try defending that accusation.

  7. Charles Manning

    @John Bayly

    You've hit the nail on the head.

    Even if Twattie does use a special word database, it could always download that at runtime thus no need to store the swears on AppleStore disks.

    If on the other hand Apple want something that can't access profanity and porn etc, then they might as well walk away from all things electronic,

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