back to article Isilon adds faster clustered file storage

Isilon has souped up its mainstream clustered NAS product and introduced a transactional IO product with SAS disks plus a lower-cost archive model with optional Ocarina deduping. Isilon has made its name with scale-out network-attached storage (NAS) X-Series products which scale to 2.3PB with 96 nodes clustered across …


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  1. Steven Jones

    JPEG Recompression

    "This is digital media file-focussed deduplication with special mathamatical techniques used to compress the supposedly uncompressable, JPEGs and the like."

    Of course JPEGs can be recompressed. In fact virtually any media format file which uses lossy compression, like JPEGs, MP3s, MPEGs and so on can be reduced in size at the costs of quality. No special mathematical (or even mathamatical) techniques required. Alternatively, you can perform a file conversion to a more compact format and regenerate the original data type (rather naughtily, some software used to do this with non lossy files such as TIFFS - they would convert to JPEG before storing and regenerate the TIFF, thereby losing detail. That was important on medical archival systems for things like X-Rays where detail can literally be life-and-death).

    However, what is utterly impossible is to do a "lossy" compression without being aware of the data type is. Do that and you have an unreadable file.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    $2/GB my arse.

    $2/GB my arse. Thats a mulched raw figure at best. I have seen a recent list price quote from these guys for way over $200k+ to protect as little as 30TB.

    As for the de-dup stuff, is that algorithm guaranteed by legislative courts to provide authenticity of the data when its rebuilt? No. Clever it may be, further ways to tie you to a vendor it is. Buying it, we will not be.

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