back to article Google's cloud bursts yet again

Google has admitted that some Gmail users cannot currently access their email just weeks after the company suffered a major outage following a technical cockup at one of its European data centres. It confirmed that a “small subset of users” have been affected by the latest downtime, but didn’t provide a definitive number and …


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  1. Peter Mount

    Wasn't down for long

    It was down for me first thing this morning but back up by 9:30

  2. Mike Maughan

    Gmail brown-outs and blackouts

    I've been suffering from Gmail brown-outs & slow-downs for several months. I've tried to match the problem times to peak net load (iplayer etc.) but whilst there is some correlation it is clear that is not the only problem here.

    It's gotten that bad lately I'm seriously thinking of moving off gmail, which I would count as a problem as I generally do like the service.

    Regards, Mike

    PS I'm based in Lancashire, UK, and am using Nildram pro broadband.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Summary of the posts that follow....

    Hope that this is the first post and I can summarize for the rest of the Reg readers that otherwise would waste their time reading the complete thread.

    - "This is what happens when you trust such essential service to a third party..."

    - "Clouds are just a fad, see this is what they actually can deliver...."

    - "Oh, come on, this is just in keeping with their uptime promise and paying customers will be refunded...."

    - "Yes, but for SMBs there is little alternative and other mail services are even worse..."

    - "For me, gMail has worked wonderfully ever...."

    Paris, because even she can predict the kind of comments after reading a few of these threads that comment on Google mail outages.

  4. Chronos
    Thumb Up

    So Ted was right then?

    With reference to Ted's "Fail Loop" article, especially the quote from Schmidt, looks like the red face resulting from excessive hubris and arrogance came sooner than old Eric thought. We're getting it whether we want it or not? Not on your life, sunshine. I want my infotech to work all the time, not just when yours decides to.

  5. Matt

    @ Mike Maughan

    This is my first comment on The Register so everyone be nice and please tell me if any notation I use is incorrect.

    Mike, I notice that in your comment you say that you have had problems with Gmail slowdowns, and that your ISP is Nildram. This reminded me of the Register article at I'm wondering if they have been cutting costs...

  6. pjnola
    Paris Hilton

    Can the Reg post a story every time anyone's email goes down?

    As riveting as these "Google is the new face of evil because some people can't get to email right now" stories are, I have experienced similar outages from every email provider I have every used, from ISPs to technology employers who supposedly know better (see "Summary of posts" #3 with a splash of #4). The main difference is that GMail outages occur where people can easily see and bitch about them. But I'm glad that the Reg has a convenient story that they can cut and paste rather than doing actual work.

    Paris, 'cause she knows a thing or two about.... oh, never mind....

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Temporary Error (500)

    No access this morning either, sure other mail serves have problems but Gmail has many users relying on it for their email, Ive used email well before the clouds formed and it's disappointing but I guess to be expected.

    New mantra "Must have patience.. Must have patience.. Must have patience.."

  8. Peter Binney

    And it's down again today

    We were hit yesterday and again this morning (Wednesday Mar 11) it's again giving the "500" error.


  9. Codge

    Still down for me.

    Two days now.

    POP3 is working, but no SMTP. and no webmail.

    Ho Hum....

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