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Everything about the Pentax Optio P70 suggests fun. It’s got an ultra-thin, sleek design, is available in several colours - our review sample came in a rather fetching marine blue - and is crammed with features designed to make digital photography a hassle-free experience, including face recognition, smile detection and enough …


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  1. Jerome


    "The back is dominated by a 2.7in LCD screen composed of around 270,000 dots."

    Now if I knew the aspect ratio of the screen, and did a quick bit of maths, I could transform this piece of information into something useful, like a screen resolution. Alternatively, you could have just told me it in the first place.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    My Casio QV3000 from 2001 produced better shots than that. It looks like they were originally half the size, and then doubled in photoshop with a 'dust and scratches' filter followed by a good bit of unsharp masking.

    Boo, hiss, etc.

  3. Andrew Fenton


    1/2.3" sensor with 12mp produces rubbish results?

    Wow, who could have predicted that.

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