back to article Oracle reaches for Virtual Iron

Speculation is growing that Oracle is close to acquiring Virtual Iron. Virtual Iron is a server virtualisation vendor startup for small and medium enterprises. It uses the Xen hypervisor, providing equivalent functionality to VMware bit at lower cost. It is generally reckoned to be number five in the server virtualisation …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Another Oracle Pipe Dream

    This is like one of Oracle's earlier claims that it was going to become its own operating system. Then they were going to do their own linux distribution.................

  2. nobby

    @Another Pipe Dream

    I think you'll find that oracle do have their own linux distribution... (looks at server room, checks boot screen, listens for screams from users cos the database went down...)

    yep. looks like oracle linux to me(*)

    (*) which, admittedly looks a lot like red hat. but isn't, of course 100% the same.

  3. Francis Fish

    Oracle always do this

    I used to work for them. There's is *always* an "Oracle foo" that does whatever thing you want. It's usually from a company that was fourth or fifth for a reason and it almost, but not quite, meets your needs. Of course big corp with Oracle site licence don't have to go outside which destroys the market for the other tools, so it's a winning strategy if you don't mind stuff that's kinda 'B' list and slightly clunky. Or you are an accountant who doesn't understand cost of ownership.

    And no, the Oracle tools don't always integrate whatever the sales bod says. That's how I used to earn a living. Just say the words "Entity Java Beans" and "Oracle Application Server 3" to some old Oracle Java hands and listen to the giggling and screaming as they run from the room.

    This is also why Oracle don't support Eclipse, if they didn't buy or steal it* then it doesn't exist.

    (*) as in the idea, not the thing. They have rooms full of people nicking ideas in a kinda B list cak-handed way.

    Heh - that's burned some bridges. Yeeha!

  4. Chris

    @ nobby

    It's pretty bloody close though ;)

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Grammar check

    equivalent functionality to VMware *bit at lower cost

This topic is closed for new posts.

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