back to article Designer BMW PC unveiled

Top Gear’s Cool Wall already features several BMWs. But the what’s hot and what’s not display could soon feature a new model entirely: the BMW PC. Nope, you’re not reading a ‘Leccy Tech story here. Instead of PC standing for Petrol Carburettor, the BMW PC is exactly as it sounds: a futuristic Personal Computer created in …


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  1. Bronek Kozicki

    It's thermaltake, actually

    Some more pictures from CeBIT 2009

  2. My Opinion

    What about dust?

    Looks like a dust magnet to me - although that won't be a problem if you're able to hose it down once a week.

  3. Tom Austin
    Paris Hilton


    Just lovely.

    PH, because occasionally I'm sure she's lovely too.

  4. Bronek Kozicki

    re: dust

    My first thought when I saw it "ok, that's with the glass cover removed, but where is that cover?". Expensive add-on option, perhaps?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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