back to article Gang jailed over failed Sumitomo cyberheist

The gang behind the failed multi-million pound cyberheist at Sumitomo bank were each sentenced to a lengthy spell behind bars on Thursday. The plot, which brought together two hackers and a corrupt insider with other fraudsters, conspired to steal £229m ($423m) from the London offices of the Japanese bank Sumitomo Mitsui, was …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Bang goes the geek cred, El Reg

    Hackers? Where? Even "script-kiddy's" would be inappropriate.

    It was a couple of kids with commercial key logging software. They'd have a hard time getting a job at PC World.

  2. Dan

    Decent sentences...

    ...but why do you get sent down for less time if you kill someone these days?

  3. Steven

    Security 101

    Users only get User access.

    I trust a large portion of Sumitomo's IT Management is now looking for work in a different industry.

  4. James
    IT Angle

    It was worth a try

    ....and such short sentences!!!

    Better luck next time if you work technology when you get out - I'm sure thing will have changed drastically when you all get out!!

  5. Martin Silver badge

    @Security 101

    No - they have all been promoted for foiling this attempt and more staff have been hired 'to address security concerns'.

    Memos will be written to tell workers to check for illegally held software while the ctrl-alt keys will be removed to stop them accessing the task manager.

    Developers will have admin rights removed and debuggers will be banned.

    Meanwhile the CEO/CFO/CIO will take their laptop home for their kids to play with and then connect it to the company network, they will of course all have admin rights so they can play that DOS golf game.

    Bitter - me ?

  6. Pierre


    A spying tech designed for braindead parents is used to, hem, "hack" into braindead bank system.

    Also, "Poelvoorde was arrested in possession of a USB stick containing a key-logging programme."

    So he basically had commercial software on a usb drive. I hope there was other evidence against him or this is just braindead (don't give me the "he had the instructions" shit).

    Lots of braindeadness here, is it Zombie Awareness day in the UK by any chance?

  7. Lionel Baden


    should we tell them about the three sea shells ???

  8. Anonymous John

    "O'Donoghue claimed the group were there for a game of late night poker."

    That's a plausible excuse? Bankers gambling on the premises?

    No wonder the banks have shafted the economy.

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