back to article Apple's Snow Leopard set for June 8?

The next version of Apple Mac OS X operating system, Snow Leopard, will be released on June 8 - if one Apple-watcher's prediction is correct. The Baltimore Sun's David Zeiler, writing in his "Apple a Day" blog, came to this conclusion by recounting recent history and examining the events schedule of San Francisco's Moscone …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    New Mac Pro and Snow Leopard soon?

  2. Peter Taylor
    Jobs Halo

    Lets See

    No doubt a fever will be whipped up between now and June, hopefully I won't get mixed up in it but I probably will.

  3. Gabriel Vistica
    Thumb Up


    That guy is GOOD!

  4. MacRat

    Other predictions (guesses)

    More likely at WWDC a developer preview of Snow Leopard will be shown and the OS will be released at a later date when it is ready.

    And his royal Steveness will not make an appearance...

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns


    More fangirls with wet knickers over a bit of software that will do nothing more than the last.

  6. rudiedude

    Poor 'ole Steve

    I'm a steve fan as much as the next guy... but poor he is not !

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Mr Jobs owes it to himself to...

    do a walk on part as MC and pass his charisma on to proceedings.

    The attendees probably deserve such, Apple senior team deserve it equally.

    But most of all, Mr Jobs and his family deserve it more than the rest?

    Maybe a Steve n Woz get2getha opening session? QT'd live?

    Apple has always seemed to have heart n soul, much more than most organisations - well, to me at least.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Fail. Of bloody course they'll discuss Snow Leopard at WWDC

    however, that's not the same as it going RTM at the same time.

  9. James
    Dead Vulture

    Pedantic but

    As this is a uk site is that not the 6th/8th of June?

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    heart n soul?

    I think that was lost a few years ago before "Profit and Lock-in" turned up.

  11. John Savard

    What a name

    I like the code name for the new release. I suppose, between pirated copies of Windows, and Red Flag Linux, they don't sell a lot of Macs in China anyways, so at least one major company isn't worried about offending the government there. (The Snow Leopard is a Tibetan national symbol.)

  12. Adam Starkey


    What on Earth does Amazon have to do with anything? They have no more information than anyone else, so those release dates are every bit as speculative as all the rest.

    There's an awful lot of echo chamber/recursive reinforcement going on in this article.

    Personally I rather hope Apple have learnt their lesson from Leopard and MobileMe, and will hold off until SL is properly ready rather than just trying to hit a convenient release target.

  13. Giles Jones Gold badge


    >More fangirls with wet knickers over a bit of software that will do nothing more than the last.

    Yeah cus Windows 7 isn't really a fixed up version of Vista? W7 = Vista SE.

    Apple have said Snow Leopard is a release that concentrates on speed and footprint. It's also featuring new components to utilise multicore better and utilise 3D hardware as if they're processors.

    OSX usually retails around the £89 mark, you get all of the features as there's only one version of the OS for desktops/laptops. Contrast this with Vista which costs a fortune and sucks big time!

  14. Mark

    Yes, but...

    Real snow leopards are cuter than any operating system:

  15. Sarah Baucom
    Thumb Up

    Hope so

    I really hope it's released by June 8th (or not much later). I tried to time my ADC membership purchase last year so I could get Snow Leopard for free when it came out. It expires June 18th.

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