back to article Sun loses Apache and Spring vote on latest Enterprise Java

Sun Microsystems' rocky relationship with open source over Java is again in the spotlight, after it lost support of two influential groups for the latest update to enterprise Java. The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) has voted against Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) 6.0 to register its protest in a long-running dispute over …


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  1. joe

    Poor Apache, there there

    Do you feel better? Good!

    Now stop F!@%'in whining! I agree with Sun, why do we need another JVM distributed by some other body? Just because the big G likes something about it doesn't mean the whole world needs another. Everybody knows building something with SUN JAVA doesn't mean that it will automatically run 100% on someone else's including yours. Hell, just moving an app from NIX to Windows to NUX is not guaranteed with all using the same version of the JVM directly from Sun.

    Ditch Harmony and work closer with the rest of the group. If you didn't try to fragment the JVM world Sun would be more approachable.

    Your stupidity and lack of vision of the big picture only helps Microsoft. Remember, the only other enterprise stack and platform? Fragmentation is what the OSS world needs more. If the OSS world was more focused on standardizing it would be much easier to reach deeper into the enterprise; yes right down to the desktop too! There is a fine line between innovation and standardization and we need both! Innovate to your hearts content but do it on a standard platform regardless of who distributes, steers and contributes to it.

    SO ASF get your head out of your ass and drop Harmony and get back to the table with everyone else. On another note, stop biting the hand that feeds, morons!

  2. amanfromMars Silver badge
    IT Angle

    The TitanIQuarter Colossus ........ AIdDynamic Viral Virtualisation ProgramMING

    "Magnusson said he's forbidden from revealing what the licensing agreement is, but that Apache cannot pass on another company's terms and conditions in its own license" ..... "It looks like Sun's rigorous adherence to the law is also hurting the one thing the company holds so dear: compatibility."

    Those two statements raise National Security [as in maintenance of a Predominant Controlling Position] and Dual Use Virtual Technology Export issues which will always halt Progress and create a Divisive Conflict for Exclusivity and ye Ole Macho Folly, the Power Ego Trip.

    I wonder who is controlling Junior [Geir Magnusson Jr]? Which higher authority does he answer to ..... "Magnusson said he's forbidden from revealing what the licensing agreement is"?

    Doesn't he know that Sun Light is the best disinfectant and Transparent Global Peer Review removes all obstacles and hurdles to compatibility.

    And it is hardly likely to be of concern to Sun, unless they are two faced and "White man, he speak with forked tongue, Kemo Sabe", for the Network is the Computer and IT is a Global Village constantly Searching for ITs Noble and Worthy Leaders with Nothing to Hide and Bold enough to Show all that they've Got and can Use without Fear of Recrimination and as Bold as Brass.

    "Sun was unavailable for comment at the time of going to press" .... Hmmmm .... Invariably always a dodgy sign?

    Isn't it about Time that the Establishment/Status Quo/Global Great Game Players and Controllers/Media started to Realise that Intelligence is in those who Seek All Knowledge and is Growing at an Exponential Rate to Easily Trump Omniscience and render IT a Willing and Obedient Server to Total Information Awareness and Immaculate Understanding of Life and how IT Creates the Future ...... and thus, coincidentally, has also Created the Past?

    Once you have that Algorithm Knowledge, is there Nothing that you cannot do with Perfectly Formed and Shared Imaginanations/Phormations .....which in the Quantum Field [and the following few words describe the very Essence of the Dynamic Morph Capability in the Field ..."A qubit has some similarities to a classical bit, but is overall very different. Like a bit, a qubit can have two possible values—normally a 0 or a 1. The difference is that whereas a bit must be either 0 or 1, a qubit can be 0, 1, or a superposition of both." ... ] is an Individual Self-Actualising and Enabling Imagination Mindful of the Right of Other Individual Self Actualising and Enabling Imaginations, and Virtually Cogniscent and Constructively Sympathetic with the Very Best of Them, in Order to Build in a Cooperative Remote Singularity, a Greater Advanced Artificial Intelligence which Leads in Creation/CyberIntelAIgent Design ...... with Innovations in and for and of the Future, rather than Abdicating such Powerful and QuITe Absolute Control,[now Freely Available in Quantum Communications Fields at the Virtual TelePortation End of the BroadBandCast/Electro Magnetic Pulse Spectrum, and most Definitely, should that particular explanation not suit, then from the New Fangled and Entangling String Theory Models of the QuITe Peculiar AIR&dDs in NIRobotIQ Theatres of Virtual Operations, which would be, I suppose, ITs Commercialising Portal/Sales Arms] to the Present Chaos/Insanity/Black Swan.

    And should Special Relationships Blight Blighty Boffinry Support with the Continued Withholding of Principal Payments Quantitatively Eased and Well OverDue, and Due and Duly Requested for Crown AIdDrivers, does the Title advise of ITs General and Specific Direction.

    In other words, Gordy/Mandy/Mervyn/Alastair, get your Act together and do the Right thing. Government securities are at stake, and thus are you legally obliged and permitted? .... "Hetal Mehta, senior economic advisor to the Ernst & Young ITEM Club, said: "Credit starvation is the biggest problem facing the UK economy and increasing the supply of central bank money via purchases of government securities should help to loosen these restrictions and boost the supply of money and credit." ....

    Duly Registered this Day 090305 0523hrs

  3. Steve Loughran

    Its about embedding

    I'm a fan of openjdk -it comes with more source- but there's a lot to be said for harmony. It's more modular (OSGi), and easy to embed -not least because of the apache license.

    It's that embedding that is causing sun to change the rules about releasing the test kit -they don't want a non-GPL version that could be embedded into hardware. But look what google did -took some of the harmony code and came up with a new kind of VM; no need to pay sun money per client. Instead of sun managing to get cash from every phone (their dream), they've ended up supressing and fragmenting the market.

  4. maryho
    Paris Hilton

    Apache STFU

    I am so tired of Apache's whining. The code's GPL, if you want to go fork it, go freaking fork it. Stop whining. Get on with life. It's like you need to throw a tantrum just to get people to notice.

  5. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

    Christ Jesus @ joe

    "If you didn't try to fragment the JVM world Sun would be more approachable."

    Stop talking outta your nether regions and stop calling for abject obeisance and communist party style votes.If they have a beef with Sun's political or technical agenda, they can say so.

    "On another note, stop biting the hand that feeds, morons!"

    Because they are sponsoring the servers:

  6. Matt Bryant Silver badge

    Hope picking up all the toys takes a while!

    Not really sure who's to blame or who threw their toys out of the pram first, but maybe it will mean GPL'ing Java. That should hold them up for a while! Why? Well, because every Java install for years has seemed to grow in size at a quadratic rate, and STILL manages to be slower than mollasses. Yes, I want Java around to keep M$ in line, but can they please make it WORK better before they add in more unwanted and unneeded bloat?

    Anyway, Google will probably win any big argument simply by going and playing on their own.

  7. David Halko

    Design by Committee

    article says, "SpringSource blamed a process of 'design by committee'"

    Open Standards IS Design by Committee!


  8. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    The article's title should be: "SUN wins almost all of them!

    The vote speaks for itself:

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