back to article Samsung launches latest netbook UMPC

Samsung has added a “next-generation” UMPC to its Q1 range - in the process removing the micro keyboard it added to the previous model in response to write-ups of the first Q1. Samsung_PMP_Q1EX_01 Samsung's Q1 EX: why have this rather than a netbook? Samsung may be slightly over-confident on its next generation claim, …


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  1. Matt


    nothing yet to lure me away from my UX1XN :)

  2. Alan
    Thumb Up

    A design to watch

    This looks like a clunky version of the sort of design that Apple should be releasing - a larger iPod Touch...

  3. Ramazan

    design vs. practicality

    2Alan: you are correct WRT the design, but just try to do something like sniffing RADIUS traffic for half an hour with your iPhone/iPod off the ethernet...

    2Matt: how well does FreeBSD and/or GNU/Linux work on that blown up Sony UX1XN of yours?

    2Gnusmas: do you guys have brains in your company? why not make fanless Q1 (like e.g. Samsung Q40 or legendary Sony X505VP)?

  4. Kevin
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    If this had a Atom 270 or some version on board I would have bought it in a heartbeat to upgrade my original Q1. I've had too many bad experiences with performance on VIA processors to shell out almost $800 for it. Now if it was around the netbook price range I might have considered it.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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