back to article O2 unveils electronic organiser for families

Steve Martin could have done with O2’s new gadget in flick Cheaper by the Dozen, because the network provider’s claimed the touchscreen device ensures that “family life runs more smoothly”. O2_Joggler_01 O2's Joggler: an electronic family diary Essentially an electronic replacement for sticky notes on the fridge, the 7in …


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  1. David Gosnell

    Not bad

    As digital photo frames go, it's actually unusually nice looking - and of course does rather more, though given that it's essentially a keyboardless netbook, a browser wouldn't have been too much to ask, at that price. Shame about the aspect ratio, but c'est la vie these days. I wonder if this is a rebadge job, and if you can get one without its bezel spoilt by O2's logo?

  2. Mark Daniels
    Thumb Down


    More cheap Chinese made plastic tosh with sky provided over hyped news feeds...

    Basically, 150 for the ability to send 50 sms a month seems like a lot to me.

    And it seems to me as if it will be v ery shport step to having adverts slapped through this cheap pastic crap in a revenue sharing deal with sky : which probably explains why 02 went with the mordoch lie machine rather than Blighties BBC..........

  3. J
    Thumb Up

    I'll take one

    ...if I can have it thown in with my iPhone contact/O2 broadband :)

    Would be quite usefull in for me - but as above, A browser would mean I could easily connect and control the living room Media mac.

  4. Adam Hart
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    Good for the family and small business?

    You can run a calendar for upto 10 people so could this be aimed at small SME's too?

    Nice idea for the noughties family lifestyle.

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