back to article NetApp dumps Filerview for new model

NetApp's FilerView management product is going to be replaced by NetApp System Manager, a Windows application built as a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) 3.0 snap-in, and available in a few months. The concept behind it is to provide management of one or many NetApp arrays through a simple and easy to use GUI. FilerView is …


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  1. Jan Silver badge

    Windows only?

    Does this mean people using real computers will never be able to enjoy netapp products?

    See me shed a tear.

  2. Owen

    Configure NFS from Windows MMC

    Well, I can see all the Unix shops going out and getting the Open Source version of MMC - or isn't there one.

    It's a bit of a shame when the current FilerView is OS agnostic and just needs a web browser to work.

    It's probably just to spite Solaris sysadmins.

    Ho Hum.

  3. Greem

    @Windows only?

    Nope. It means people who are scared of the NetApp CLI will now be able to do horrendous things using a mouse, instead of typing. Wizards notwithstanding, someone with little experience is likely to make very poor or sub-optimal decisions on aggregate/volume setup.

    Like, for example, putting all their disks into one aggregate and putting Vol0 in that aggr. That plays merry hell when they come to the time they need to shrink aggr0... and can't.

  4. Andy Bell
    Thumb Down

    Setup in 5 minutes ?

    "It's reckoned that a FAS array can be set up for the first time in around five minutes"

    Probably the most pointless "new feature" in history.

    When has anyone sat in a meeting with storage vendors and asked "its 13:00 now, if you haven't got me a LUN provisioned by 13:05 you are out of the door"

    And its MMC, because Netapp customers deserve to have their OS choices taken away from them.

  5. Matthew Malthouse

    Another reason

    Another reason to look harder at Sun's new storage offerings.

  6. Nick Triantos

    FilerView NOT going away

    The title that NetApp dumps FilerView is not accurate and rather misleading. FilerView will not be going away in the foreeable future. It will still be there, fully supported for those who chose to use it. Eventually, it may get replaced but not until a suitable replacement is found.

  7. zvonr
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    Hmm, betting your future on ms... doesn't look smart to me...

    I would understand this decision if netapp would sell external usb hard drives ... even then you would need to add mac support ....

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Pity the ignorant....

    As always, the *nix jihadists poo-poo what they don't want or don't like.

    Given that filerview is a clunky incomplete pile of Java-crap, this provides a useful alternative for many, particularly 100% Windows shops who just don't want to/ haven't the skills to do CLI stuff over ssh. This is especially the case with your average FAS2020 buyer.

    So before jumping on your lentil munching, sandal wearing high horse, think of the silent majority.

    AC as I don't want a hatemail campaign by Tuxtards.

  9. Val Bercovici

    Survey Says ...

    Our customer surveys indicated the overwhelming majority managed their storage from a Windows admin workstation. They also indicated their strong preference for a responsive UI, hence the MMC approach for NSM.

    Linux / Unix customers also preferred the CLI to any GUI. Nevertheless, FilerView will not go away with the release of NSM. We will monitor customer feedback for the pace of any eventual FilerView phaseout.

    Finally, NSM is supported under most Virtual or Remote Desktop configuration, offering GUI access to NSM from almost any modern client OS platform.

    Val Bercovici

    NetApp Office of the CTO

  10. Steve Klinkner

    FilerView Lives

    I work on System Manager at NetApp.

    I also work on our web UIs, Java tools and other stuff. They are all still around. I try hard to be architecturally agnostic. I try to talk to customers and build what they need, with the tools required.

    I wrote a little more on my blog. I'll be explaining some of the background and technical details as time progresses - questions and comments will be welcome and encouraged.

    We appreciate your attention and interest.

    Steve Klinkner (NetApp engineering)

  11. Dan C

    I won't lose any sleep

    OS choices taken away?!

    If you're that well informed then you should be using the CLI or API anyway, because FilerView won't accomplish half of the procedures you require. SSH clients are about as OS agnostic as web browsers.

  12. Anonymous Coward

    " haven't the skills to do CLI stuff over ssh"

    What? You mean they can't us a keyboard? That is very sad. What is even sadder are the MIcrosoft Apologists who like to pretend they are "puter xspurts"

  13. zvonr

    "Given that filerview is a clunky incomplete pile of Java-crap"

    You can develop clunky crap in any language.

    You can develop responsive GUIs, games in java, a good example is:

    Good programmers are rare, and might not enjoy developing admin GUIs ....

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