back to article Mitsubishi shows revamped 'innovative' EV

Mitsubishi has whipped the dust covers of the latest iterations of its iMiEV – the MiEV bit stands for 'Mitsubishi innovative Electric Vehicle' – at the Geneva Motor Show. The iMiEV and it's more sporty sibling, the iMiEV Sport Air – the former is officially a "show model", the latter a "prototype" – are both rear wheel drive …


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  1. John


    Needs a rear spoiler, then yoofs might actually buy it. Make it customizable like Scion did with it's line, and they will fly (silently albeit) off the lots. ;-)



  2. David Gosnell

    Lessons learned?

    Did they not learn from the mistake of the Xsara Picasso that people like to know which way round a car is?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    OK, but...

    All looks fine, but why do manufacturers feel it's a good idea to take the underpinnings of a practical four or five door car, turn it into a "coupe" and charge more for it? So what do you get less seats and less space, with a more porwefull engine to compensate. Why not put the more powerful engine and sportier suspension in the five door? Cake. Eat it.

    This is after all Mitsubishi who years ago took the relatively mundane Lancer and turned it into the GSR EVO, a saloon capable of demolishing most sports cars. Did they feel the need to remove the back seats? Did they call it a coupe? No they just made it uglier, which was, it turns out, a damn fine move.

    The whole 'leccy thing? It's all been said a million times over, hasn't it?

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  5. Martin Lyne


    That dashboard and organic steering wheel look deliciously different.

    Fingerprint magnets f'sh'wah, though.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Looks just like ...

    The fiat 600 I used to drive years ago

  7. James


    What's with the wacky interior? Is it to make Jeff Bridges feel right at home?

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