back to article Nude Apple iMac pics leaked to web

Yes, you can open an iMac. Yesterday, Apple announced a new iMac family, and by this morning the good folks at iFixit had already got their hands on a 20-incher, gutted it, and learned some interesting facts about the all-in-one desktop. For one, although the processor "appears to be socketed," there's a warning printed on …


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  1. unitron

    Next to last picture

    Is that *duct tape*?!? (upper right hand corner)

    (mine's the one with a roll of it in one pocket and a can of WD-40 in the other)

  2. Lindsay Silver badge

    Keyboard and Mouse

    "Finally, after looking at these and more photos on the IFixIt website, we gotta say that we agree with their conclusion that Apple's white-plastic Mighty Mouse looks mighty cheesy next to the aluminum iMac and Apple Keyboard."

    You're worried about the mouse? That keyboard is an absolute joke.

  3. Charles Manning


    Looks like aluminum tape. Good for heat transfer. Same stuff as used in refrigerators etc.

  4. dadoni

    Sinclair better watch...

    The keyboard looks a lot like an aluminum ZX Spectrum.

  5. unitron

    @ Charles Manning

    It appears less shiny and more textured than the aluminum tape with which I am familiar.

    Which is to say that it looks like duct tape.

    Maybe it's just the picture.

    (mine's the one with the photo-recon analysis kit in the pocket)

  6. Danny Thompson

    Winge, whine, bitch, moan

    So far the commentators are like a load of old women. Great! We get it! You don't like anything Apple make. Good.

    Now go get a life.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    Nice and easy to upgrade that motherboard - oh no, you can't. You are tied in to technology that is out of date in weeks. I suppose you could always line Big Jobbie's pockets with more money when he refreshes the same old boring line next year.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Keyboard bashers...

    I have to agree with you. I really like the look of the normal aluminium Mac keyboard, but that tiddly one just looks... daft.

  9. John

    duct tape

    The word is 'duck'. In some jurisdictions it is illegal to use it on air ducts.

    As 'hotforwords' ( once explained, the term comes from the dutch word 'doek' meaning cloth. The tape we love today being a woven material with adhesive.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Halo


    You lot really are boring. Apple are part of a different market. It's a consumer brand, something the likes of Dell would love to be. It's not intended to be a boy-raceresq piece of shit custom built PC. It's a consumer electronics device. Can you upgrade your PVR without voiding the warranty to have more storage space? The idea is that you take it home, take it out of the box, turn it on, and you have a *useful* fully functional desktop computer. Easy. You want more storage? Buy an external hard drive! They cannot be judged using the same yardstick you use for Dells et c., unless your goal in life is to belittle at every stage, eh El Reg?

    The aluminium keyboards are really comfortable to type on btw...

  11. Paul

    keyboard & mouse...

    I guess these are NeXT in line for the aluminium makeover.

    As for an HD swap, what a joke. Bring back rear panel access!

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Small Keyboard

    I hope this small keyboard thing becomes a common trend. I know some people use them, but most have no use at all for the numeric keypad. All it does it take up space and collect dust. I'm rather surprised that the never-ending desire to cut costs hasn't resulted in the demise of the numeric keypad years ago.

  13. TeeCee Gold badge

    Well done!

    "The logic board bears a passing resemblance to New Guinea"

    Best pic caption in a long time. Sheer quality.

  14. xjy
    Paris Hilton

    Well, screw me!

    Hm, that makes:

    14 magnets needing 2 plumber's mates

    2 phillips screws

    24 Torx screws (T6, T8, T9, T10)

    If time was money you could buy a fucking great external hard disk instead for the sweat produced.

    (Paris: plumbing, screwing, fucking, sweat - say no mowore! And wondering "what the hell am I up to now")

  15. shoong
    Jobs Horns

    i came

    that was kinda hawt. too bad it was an apple :/

  16. gizmo23
    Thumb Down

    Not much changes

    I remember when the Macintosh first came out. Crappy little keyboard, crappy mouse, poxy little screen and wallet-crippling price. Looks like they've only improved the screen since then...

  17. Oliver Mayes

    re: duct tape

    You're all wrong, it's iDuctTape. Does the same thing but costs twice as much and only sticks to 1/3 of the objects that the regular stuff does.

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    nuff said

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    That reminds me of my old PET keyboard. I didn't think Mac keyboards could get any worse. Looks like I was wrong.

  20. Sam Radford

    Gimme a tower

    Am I alone in yearning for the days of the old G4 tower with its 3 internal HDD bays, upgradeable CPU, replaceable optical (and Zip) drive and my own choice of monitor, keyboard, mouse etc.?

    I love OSX but, if I wanted an integral monitor and almost zero upgrade possibilities, I'd buy a laptop.

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Wouldn't it make more sense aesthetically to have a bluetooth keyboard and mouse?

  22. vale

    @ unitron

    If you look in the first picture you can see the tape is far to shiny to be duct tape.

  23. Anonymous Coward

    Re: duct tape

    John: "As 'hotforwords' ( once explained, the term comes from the dutch word 'doek' meaning cloth. The tape we love today being a woven material with adhesive."

    Most of my Dutch colleagues (engineers) call it "MacGyver tape"!

  24. Aaron

    iComing Soon

  25. Anonymous Coward


    What is wrong with these people that feel the overwhelming urge to buy a new Mac and rip it to pieces... Sad.

  26. A J Stiles
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    Gaffer Tape

    "Duck" is a brand of adhesives, so there may well be such a thing as Duck tape.

    I've always known it as gaffer tape, but maybe that's from spending too long around stage hands. Learned some impressive tricks with whiskey and downers, though ..... And how to change a 12AX7.

  27. Les
    Jobs Halo


    While the standard keyboard on the new iMacs is indeed the one without the numberpad, the normal Apple keyboard is available as an option from the Apple Store. And quite remarkably for Apple, they won't charge you extra for the extra keys.

  28. james newcombe
    Jobs Halo

    I have...

    An older iMac (white casing), and love it to bits, but the Mighty Mouse IS absolutely dreadful... Apple really need to think about updating it soon, and remember Form Follows Function. I'm even considering getting an MS mouse to replace it with!

  29. Scott Mckenzie


    It's identical to the Wireless one... and is one of the most comfortable keyboards i've ever typed on.

    Get. Over. It.

  30. Homer
    Thumb Up

    Wow, what a lot of negative posts...

    Having been a PC person for the best part of 20 years, last year I took the plunge and went all Apple.

    Initially it was a tad difficult and I am referring to the operating system here, just having to get used to doing things differently.

    We have 2 iMacs and I have to say that I have been very impressed. I have no need to upgrade the hard disk or even ram for that matter. It runs all the applications I need without difficulty. So, iWorks and Office 2008, MAME, TextMate, Photoshop and a host of other applications for our business.

    The look and feel (including build quality) are excellent, keyboard is superb, screen is superb mouse is shite).

    Why did I buy an apple - two reasons - I wanted a solid operating system that works and I wanted a good looking computer that worked out of the box. Cannot fault Apple on that count.

    If you want to hot swap drives, upgrade, fiddle about etc. don't buy an apple, simple really.

  31. Lionel Baden
    Paris Hilton

    i was obvoiusly expecting something differnt in relation to Title

    @AC 08:25 nooo i love my numeric keypad !!! let it never die

    @mac phreak: you obviously get alot of stick for liking macs dont you ???

    If this was a PC it would be recieving just as much crap off us

    Being mac does not exclude it from being shit to use.

    saying it was designed to be shit is no excuse either

    Just face it Mac produced a crappy product, swallow your pride and ignore this thread

    Paris cause nude was mentioned

  32. Anonymous Coward

    The word is 'duck'.

    No. The word is 'gaffer'.

  33. Parax

    Duct/Duck Tape

    who cares..

    Fact is its got a dark side and a light side and binds the universe together..

    Still unsure if thats star wars or physics (dark matter)...

  34. nobby

    Re: duct tape

    We call it "gaffer" tape on the right-hand-side of the pond.

  35. bygjohn

    @ Yawn/AC

    Here's a clue: the vast majority of people *don't* upgrade their computer's innards. Ever. Unless something goes wrong, in which case you get someone qualified/knowledgeable to fix that bit and carry on. Or buy a new computer if it's getting on a bit. You need more storage, get a USB drive...

    The only machine I've ever owned that had bits replaced was an appalling Evesham tower system, my first Windows box after years of happiness with an Atari which was only ever opened up to add RAM (by the shop who sold the RAM, who fitted it). The Evesham thing kept breaking its bits in a depressing parade of failure, and once the 3-year on-site finished I finally dropped it and bought a Vaio laptop - un-firtled-with until its optical drive failed, at which point I bought a MacBook, which I have no intention of mucking about with as it works fine, TYVM.

    If you want a Mac whose innards are available for firtling, it's the MacPro you want.

    BTW, the rest of us will be happily *using* our computers rather than sitting surrounded by a pile of bits that are doing nothing useful.

  36. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    ... if a polar shift ever took place, would your glass fall out on it's own?

    Would apple Warrant against such things happening?

  37. Robbie
    Thumb Up


    I converted to an Apple MacPro a year or so ago and have never looked back. I've both the full size aluminium keyboard and the wireless one (without numeric keypad) for use on my media centre Mac Mini. After years of using Microsoft ergonomic keyboards I can say they are a delight to type on.

    Although I should add that I use the numeric keyboard all the time, so on balance I much prefer the full size keyboard version.

  38. SImon Hobson Bronze badge

    Oh FFS !

    A few people need to get a life, or are they happy istting at home looking for things to complain about ? So you don't want an integrated "all in one" box ? Fine, you don't have to buy one - though I can imagine that may come as a surprise to some of the whingers !

    @ Sam Radford

    You still can have a tower - it's called a Mac Pro and it's just been upgraded too. Xeon, up to 8 cores, room for multiple hard drives you can get at yourself, etc, etc. Takes up "a bit more room" than an iMac though !

    And for all those "all Apple stuff is overpriced s**t", all I can say is that on several occasions I've had this discussion with people in the office. A quick session later with Apple and Dell websites side by side and we find that equivalent spec machines are fairly close in cost. And of course, if you still think it's overpriced s**t - just don't buy it. No-one is forcing you to.

    And for anyone still reading this rather than having given up and assumed I'm affected by Steve's RDF, no, I don't think the sun shines out of his backside, and there's plenty I don't like about Apple - not least their restrictive (and I believe illegal under EU law) policy on spares availability.

  39. Dave


    What you highlight is a lesson that US manufacturers are still learning:

    half a dozen different screws = half a dozen different tools = more time to build = more cost.

  40. Ivan Headache


    When I started using this stuff in the RAF back in the 60s it was black and was called Bodge Tape.

    Why? Well you could bodge anything with it. I saw a Ford GT40 at Le Mans with half its bodywork held together in the 1967 race.)

    Next time I heard it called differently it was Gaffer tape, and tended to be silver/gray. This was in the 80s when I was working in radio/TV. (I preferred the black stuff as its adhesive was not as aggressive. you could de-rig without pulling bits of the wall off.)

    I never heard or saw it called Duck/duct 'till the americans started sticking it all over the internet.

    In Home base they sell is as a brand "Duck".

  41. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Another reason to order a load of iMacs

    I think I need to order a few iMacs, because an IT department with the tools to pop a dent out of a users car has got to be a popular IT department!

    I agree the keyboard is the most comfortable keyboard I have ever used, it's a shame they insist on using the American keyboard layout.

    The mouse however is dire, the ball instead of the wheel is nice, but I could never get the hang of the squeeze button.

    As for the challenges presented by an upgrade, if you don't relish a little bit difficulty in performing an upgrade you probably don't have the experience necessary to do it on your own anyway.

  42. Ron Eve
    Thumb Up


    All I can say is thanks goodness for Brilliant site showing how to safely dismantle Macs. Their instructions are actually easier to follow than Apple's official ones (well, those I've seen).

    As for the rest of these comments @Simon Hobson is spot on. Get over it.

  43. Gis Bun
    Black Helicopters


    I'm sure if you do decide to ope this up, and you lose a screw, Apple will charge you $20 for it - they figure that if you can afford an overpriced $2000 system, what's another $20.

  44. Law
    Paris Hilton

    people please

    People commenting to tell others to get a life for commenting/complaining when it isn't needed - please tell me you see the hypocracy in the statement... it's a bit rich to post a comment that is basically complaining about people who complain in their comments... grow up

    Personally, I wouldn't mind owning one of these... I've been using my Macbook pro for a while now, and not had a single problem except having too little ram in the first instance.

    In this case I will make the same decision I did with my macbook purchase - look at amount Apple charge for extra RAM/HDD size... look at difficulty of adding my own, decide if I need new tools/degree to do it.... and spec my machine accord to whether extra extortionate price of extra stuff outways whether I can be ars*d... but if price was the real concern I'd probably be buying a generic PC and putting osX86 on it...

    So, if you want a machine that's upgradable/hotswappable then buy another product.... if you want something that looks pretty and sits on your desk doing mac-like things, then buy the mac.... ffs... it's not like they are MAKING you buy the thing... as much as they wish they could, you have control over your own purchasing decisions.


  45. Alexis Vallance

    No messing

    I used to upgrade my PC every few years. Changing mobos, installing new processors etc etc.

    Now I just sell my iMac every couple of years on ebay (they go for shi*tloads second hand) and just buy the latest iMac for a couple of hundred quid.

    Nice and easy.

    Wouldn't work with a depreciation disaster PC though. They're worth jackshi* after a few months.

  46. Martin Silver badge

    I'd buy a laptop.

    >I love OSX but, if I wanted an integral monitor and almost zero upgrade possibilities,

    >I'd buy a laptop.

    That's Apple's point - the majority of new home machines sold are laptops, the majority of laptops never travel.

    Real people (ie not readers of el'reg) don't want a machine on a desk covered in wires and mouldy coffee cups. They want the electronic equivalent of a coffee table book. These things are going in the living room instead/next to the TV.

  47. Dave in the States


    On the "left side of the pond" Duck and Duct tape are the same thing ('round here it's duct tape). Gaffer tape is something different. Looks like Duck/Duct but the adhesive is different so the tape comes off clean without leaving a residue.

    Mine's the one with sticky stuff in the pocket.

  48. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    @ Unitron

    "@ Charles Manning

    By unitron"

    Photo recon kit you say? Terrorist! I bet you're glad you don't live in Cali!

  49. Kanhef


    The origin of duck/duct tape is unclear and will never be settled conclusively: . While it isn't well-suited for use in heating ducts, that was only discovered several decades after it became widely used. Gaffer tape is quite different, having an actual cloth backing, not plastic, and doesn't leave any residue when removed. It is also usually black so that it doesn't stand out when used to secure cables on a stage and such.

  50. Paul Smith


    Seems like a lot of work to get a non glossy screen!

  51. Pierre

    @ Danny Thompson

    I don't know who you are referring to, but a "desktop" with a cut-down netbook keyboard is probably the worst idea. Ever*. Some of us actually *use* computer, you know. If just looking at it and thinking "Woaw it's gorgeous" satisfies your needs, good for you. The rest of us will go buy a real computer instead (or just a new keyboard, for the mactards).

    * The "let's cram a laptop in a monitor and call that desktop" one was already quite crappy, if you ask. Apple got away with it because most people just do a bit of wordprocessing, emailing and web browsing, you could sell them an old casio calculator hooked to a shiny monitor and tell them it's a supercomputer, they'd believe you. But this keyboard thing is bound to annoy someone.

  52. David Halko

    @Martin - positioning the iMac

    Martin says, "These things are going in the living room instead/next to the TV."

    Right on!

    I don't see people upgrading the motherboards in their televisions.

    I do see a lot of iMac's in bedrooms INSTEAD OF televisions...

    I am seeing more MacBooks in bedrooms lately, though... replacing older iMac's.

    It seems iMac's are showing up on the desktops of a lot of businesses, now a days. They seem to make a good computer for a receptionist in small businesses, since they run MS Office and require next to no software maintenance.

  53. raving angry loony

    about time

    No keypad on the keyboard? ABOUT FUCKING TIME! I have not used the keypad on a keyboard in over 20 years, yet I'm still stuck having the fucking useless thing stick out, without a choice. I'd rather have the mouse that much close to my hands, and not having to waste so much keyboard tray real-estate. Finally something done right.

  54. Anonymous Coward

    @ Pierre

    "Mac's are crap and expensive" Ah the failed mating call of the soon to be extinct lesser-green-eyed-vista-troll.

    The keyboard is full size, with full size buttons and everything! It only looks small because the monitor is some what larger then the ones you are used to seeing in your cube farm.

  55. Daniel B.

    @raving angry loony

    "I have not used the keypad on a keyboard in over 20 years, yet I'm still stuck having the fucking useless thing stick out, without a choice."

    I'd reckon you're not an accountant, or have a job that doesn't require extensive number entering. Because I use it very frequently, and most of my colleagues use it as well.

  56. Darryl
    Paris Hilton

    @David Halko


    Seems you're spending an inordinate amount of time in various bedrooms... Care to explain?

  57. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Most people don't need it. But they are faster for numerical entry. You can buy a USB one for laptops or desktops though.........................................

    I have to say that the criticism of the lack of one seems needlessly bellicose. I had thought that the era of the mainframe style "BattleShip" keyboard had passed.

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