back to article Oz runs Romero-themed zombie awareness week

Australia is running a national zombie awareness week in a bid to educate users about how to stop hackers from taking over control of their PCs. The event, which runs until 8 March, is a variant on the internet security awareness weeks run in other countries. Windows PCs compromised by malware are routinely used to distribute …


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  1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge
    Dead Vulture

    Oh no, boring hackers...

    ...I was hoping for a poster session on never-ending, quasi recursive, bank bailouts. Oh well.

    Reg tombstone, because you never know what might lie beneath.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    I was hoping for a *John* Romero connection here. Bah.


  3. Bad Beaver
    Dead Vulture


    just because Australia is in the process of getting off the intertron altogether it does not mean you should not link to your sources while they are still around.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    well, someone has to do it

    I for one, welcome our zombie, brain-eating overlords.....

    how sad :-(

  5. Pierre

    Root cause?

    "The Australian campaign aims to tackle one of the root cause of the botnet epidemic - user awareness."

    Not sure that you expressed the right idea with this sentence. But if so, let's tackle user awareness!

    Also, the real root cause of Windows botnets might be somehow related to Windows piss-poor security by default, and to MS continuous crusade for the dumbing down of lusers.

    And stop with this "underground forum" thing. I know it adds some spooky-sexy-Sun-like spice to articles, but if we wanted that we would be reading The Sun, not El Reg, wouldn't we?

  6. Nordrick Framelhammer

    An Aussie run campaign using Braindead?

    Unlikely, since Braindead is from the country that supplies Australia with people with three figure IQs, namely New Zealand.

  7. Magani

    This is not the title you're looking for

    At the risk of being told I should get out and about more, I'd like to know where this campaign is being mounted. As a resident of the Greater Antipodes, the first place I've come across this supposed enlightenment of the Okker masses is on El Reg - an esteemed publication from The Old Country - 12,000 miles away.

    Googling "National Zombie Bot Awareness Week" gets me 6 hits. Hardly blanket covereage (for any positive values of blanket.).

    Maybe they need a zombie bot net to distribute the information more widely?

    Mine's the one with the yet-to-be-disseminated media release in the pocket.

  8. Bastard Sheep
    Thumb Down

    Zombie awareness week huh?

    What does it say about the success of their compaign and activities that I (a person in Sydney, Aus) found out about this from a UK website.

  9. Adrian Esdaile

    Maybe try... advertising?

    Knowing the australian government they have advertised this on TV, radio and print newspapers - none of which I listn to / watch / read.

    Maybe they should try teh Intarwebs?

    Australian Government - Bringing FAIL to you!

  10. Andrew george

    Lucky I read a UK new website like El-Reg

    I had no idea that we had such a thing (I'm in Melbourne)

  11. Anonymous Coward

    Where are they advertising?

    As another Aussie (who does watch TV, listen to radio and reads local news sites), I'd just like to say "Where the fsck are they advertising??"

    This is the first information I've come across about this. Mind you it's hardly surprising that a bunch of geeks don't understand the need to market their message. They probably put it on a blog somewhere and thought that was all they needed to do.

    I may be a geek, but at least I understand that blogs and twitter don't actually count as marketing

  12. E


    The only connection where 'Romero' and 'zombies' makes any sense is 'John Romero'!

  13. Big Pete
    Dead Vulture

    And i thought this was about

    Hacking into those electronic roadside signs, that all seem to still use the default password, so they read "Caution, Zombies next 10 km", Quite a popular past time around here.

    Oh, and for the ultimate Oz Zombie flick, You can't beat Undead

    Reg Tombstone for dramatic effect.

  14. Paul

    Brisbane photo opportunity

    There's an annual zombie march in Brisbane (Queensland) both events could have been coordinated, and well 'fed off one another'

    & photos

  15. Julian I-Do-Stuff
    Paris Hilton

    Po-faced Auntie

    Not so long ago there was a coordinated "Thriller" video re-enactment around the world (25th anniversary last Dec?).... the news made the BBC World (TV) service and was introduced utterly perfectly at the end of the "real" news by an anchor(woman) looking directly to camera and announcing - completely deadpan - "And zombies have taken over the centres of a dozen cities around the world..."

    At which point I looked up - WHAAAAT?

    Don't suppose anyone captured ~& yootoobed that moment did they?

    Paris - because she's not after my Braaaains

  16. NB
    Paris Hilton

    want to end botnets?

    install linux, make IT security a basic part of school education, we already teach the ankle-biters how to make spreadsheets and the like. It wouldn't do any harm to advise them on good password policies and basic principles like ``don't run unnecessary services that allow any kind of remote access''. Pretty simple IMO

    Paris, cos she's pretty simple too.

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