back to article Snacker discovers Nokia phone in crisp packet

Nokia has begun using a unique, but totally barmy, method of phone distribution: putting its handsets inside crisp packets. Nokia_crisps_01 A Nokia phone turned up inside this woman's crisp packet OK, so the retail distribution method isn’t a Nokia endorsed one, but one hungry woman in the US was shocked recently to find …


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  1. Jolyon Ralph
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    Cell and Vinegar?

    Not great, I admit, but miles better than your offerings!

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    But did it have the face of Jesus on it?

    It would be worth a lot more on eBay if it did.

  3. evilbobthebob

    Barbecue Phone?

    iPhone flavour then, surely?

  4. Matt Smart


    Surely, "Ready Cell-ted" would be better...

  5. Lionel Baden

    you know what

    i amazed she isnt sui'ing !!

    but then again for a phone to get past qualtiy controls is quite a big cock up !

    hangon do the producers of aldi food have quality controled food

  6. Jolyon Ralph


    I did think of that just after I posted my first message. But couldn't be arsed to reply again. Now I feel compelled to, strangely.

  7. MPT

    Were are the lawyers

    C'mon i expected to see a tag line on here from a litigation lawyer declaring how traumatised she was and how it nearly/could/potentially have killed.

  8. Neil

    Why remove all other bags from the shelves?

    Like it's going to be in another one as well???

    And did she actually try charging it before turning it on?

  9. Anonymous Coward


    Unlike my previous Nokia, should have a good Crisp LCD display?

  10. Anonymous Coward
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    Mmmm... tasty

    Sony Bacon? sounds nice to me.

  11. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge
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    "all crisp bags with the same brand and expiration date would be pulled from its shelves"

    Because the other two supervisors also lost their phones at the same exact moment.

    Waiting for the activation of ambulance-chasing lawyers to liberate a few million USD because of "irreparable psychological harm" to the end consumer.

  12. Anonymous Coward


    Perhaps LG could include their "Chocolate" range in a Dairy Milk bar?

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    My favourite flavour

    is smoky lithium

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    How many fingers?

    I can count only 3 on that left hand. Makes you wonder what was up with her *right* hand if she proffered the left one.

  15. Matt Bradley
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    So that explains it.

    Charlie Brooker referred to the Walker's Chilli Chocolate flavour crisps as tasting like "excreted battery acid" - perhaps there's something we're not being told?

  16. This post has been deleted by its author

  17. Max


    Surely the unsuspecting woman could have been poisoned or attacked by an unsafe knockoff battery crisp 'surprise'?

  18. Stratman

    I can't hear you...........

    ........ there's a terrible crackling on the line.

  19. Jonathan Smith

    @Why remove all other bags from the shelves?

    There may be other small bit from the belt attachment. They'll be easier to accidentally swallow than a mobile phone.

    Besides, there'll be all sorts of spittle and ear juice from the phone - now there's a new Walkers flavour....

  20. Neil Kay

    Nom nom nom

    3G's and Onion

  21. Harry

    Whatever next ...

    They could put ipods in packets of Tunes ...

  22. Peter

    round adhesive pad

    Sounds to me like one of those fake phones which are stuck on with a round adhesive pad and a piece of stout string to enable it to be 'handled'.


  23. Nick

    Shock and Awe...

    Not and finding someones phone in a crisp packet, but that they have Aldi's in America. I thought it was all 7/11 and Walmart, and perhaps a couple of Tesco's dotted about the place.

  24. Old Tom


    "...all crisp bags with the same brand and expiration date would be pulled from its shelves"

    I hate this creeping ingress of this hideous worst-the-Americans-can-come-up-with quasi-word 'expiration'. Yes, it *is* worse than 'burglarized'.

    It really is the end of the planet as I knew it. I first saw it on a Toys'R'Us receipt and hoped it would be confined to there; and maybe 'Plumb Center (sic)'. But no, it's insidiously marching toward ubiquity.

    I must go and lie down now.

  25. Rick Stanley

    Should never have happened

    Food manufacturers should be running all their finished product through a metal detector before shipping, which should have discovered the phone! USDA/FDA/Appropriate Agency should be investigating the packer of the Chips/Crisps immediately!

  26. Chris

    quality control

    but what if the phone fell in it after quality control?

    Besides they cant test all the millions of bags that pass through... they must pick one out here and there me thinks

  27. Peyton

    too funny

    From another Reg article: "Nokia has never been able to crack the American market..." I hate to admit it, but this actually would be an effective way to remedy that :p

    For those curious on why Aldi would pull the bags of crisps - it's called CYA. Standard practice here - when confronted with an event that has even a hint of lawsuit fodder, do anything, no matter how useless, in a grab for points with any future judges. Telling the judge "we didn't know what to do" doesn't get you any points.

  28. Cameron Colley

    @ Destroy All Monsters

    It would appear that there was a breach in the clean environment at that point -- so all product from that time should be treated as contaminated. Though unless they publish their standards, with the relevant photographs, I would treat them like any other third-world kitchen.

  29. Shingo Tamai

    Dead batteries?

    How could it turn on?

  30. Timo

    I've seen the fix for this - on the travel channel

    Anyway there is that show on the travel channel (or is it the food channel) and they've shown a product packaging line, where the last step in the process was to X-ray every bag on the way through to see that no foreign objects were in the bags. I suppose that keeps knives, fingers, rats, and NOW CELLPHONES from being shipped out.

    And the travel channel show was about rice noodles in Vietnam or Thailand. Revolutionary.

  31. Red Bren

    @AC - 16:56

    It gives a whole new meaning to the "Candy bar" form factor

  32. Madrak

    Looks like someone got...

    ..some extra chips in their CHIPS!

    Ok, so I had trouble with that joke, but it a story about a US woman, how about at least calling them by their US name ;)

  33. fluffy

    @ "how many fingers"

    The picture is a little confusing to the eye but her middle finger happens to be lined up with her index finger in just such a way to make her hand look malformed. You can barely make out her middle finger's nail just in front of her index finger's second knuckle.

  34. Anonymous Coward

    & Madrak

    It's because they are, will be, and always have been 'crisps'.

    Stop, for American "English"

  35. Anonymous Coward

    Game Boys and Quavers

    Reminds me of when I were a young lad. Quavers were doing a promotion whereby you could win a game boy.

    As a young lad, my plan was to go to the open crisp shelf in the Co-op and feel every packet to try and find one heavy enough to have a game boy in.

    The logic of packing a heavy electronic item in a crisp packet did not strike me as odd at the time.

    Anyhow, I was thinking, remember those crisps with the little blue packet in? Does this have little bluetooth packets in?


  36. eurobloke

    @Nick, Aldi in the US?

    Nick, according to the web, Aldi has over 1400 stores in 29 states in the US, and has been operating since 1976.

  37. Anonymous Coward

    @Three Fingers?

    I for one welcome our mobile three-fingered overlords . . . oh sorry, wrong story

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