back to article HP quashes executive jet perks

In a sign that Hewlett-Packard is running short on compensation-based expenses to eliminate - or that its executives simply abhor flying commercial first class – the PC vendor said it's now cutting private jet perks for top executives. The world's number one PC vendor told government regulators on Monday it will no longer …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    UK Tax Payers money funds HP Exec's Private Jet

    While Brown is creeping over the pond perhaps he could call in on Hurd and say, hey come on some UK EDS'ers used to be Civil servants and provide the same overall IT service but cost only Millions. Now UK tax payers pay Billions $ into your stateside coffers, really good deal eh for the UK tax payer! and what about the £1 Billion NET profit made by EDS'ers for HP last quarter and you thank them with a pay cut, good move again, much appreciated.

    So not only is UK Tax Payers money pouring into HP Stateside and Mumbai side and Chenai side and any other not so cheap HP sweat shop they can find to provide Browns IT systems you want UK workers to fund their bleedin Private Jets so that Hurd and his axemen can fly about in comfort thinking up the next devious plot, while the employees standard of living drops through the floor. Not only that, the off shore workers are brought on-shore to the UK en-masse to work on the Governments IT systems, while UK workers are Let Go (nice US phrase)

    Questions about EU workers in the UK!! look a bit harder Brown! and look a bit further. You couldn't see the problems with the greedy finance system til it turned around a bit you, you can't see that treating your UK citizens like this will eventually back fire, if it isn't already!.

  2. Old Nick
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    F**king incredible!!

    When will this asswipe Hurd get his head around what a complete ballsup he is making of this situation? Company private jet? Does he think this is some kind of feckin Glee Club? Go and get a proper job (if you can) you little weasel.

  3. kain preacher

    Title required

    you can't see that treating your UK citizens like this will eventually back fire, if it isn't already!.

    Hey as long as they get their money that dont care .Get the cash and run.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    HP executives


    for those who've not seen the details of the HP executives' greed, I recommend the following link.

    They're really just like all executives. I hate the lot of them. Why they can't be satisfied with a normal salary is beyond me, but there are some good pointers on the blog above which I found gave some temporary relief from my anger and despair.

    Me take a pay cut so they can keep sucking us dry? I'll do it the day they pay back all the money they've taken without actually earning a penny of it.

    Posting anonymously (EDS/HP employee).

  5. Fred Smith

    Private Jets - what planet is Hurd and the other HP Tossers On!

    We were screwed by EDS with no pay rises, no bonuses.

    We have just seen collegues axed on a points system that bore no relation to job vacancies - where I am we have dozens of advertised vacancies and yet people who appealed against redundancy failed.

    We have no prospect of pay or bonuses from HP.

    Yet we ( old EDS ) are making massive profits still and propping up old loss making HP.

    Hurd thinks UK employees are gonna give up 5% of base salary, plus 5% of their pension to shore up US employees who he is too embarrassed to make redundant due to US Political situation - wont look good cutting jobs in US when Obama is pumping billions into US economy.

    Then we see Hurd and cronies, plus wives and partners get planes and tax paid for!

    Go f**k yerself Hurd - I dont know any UK based ex EDSer who is gonna give u 5% of their pay. Oh - and if you cut anymore then Accenture, FJ, Cap and others are gonna get a lot more staff and HP are gonna lose a lot more services business in EU.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Another morale boost for us HP staff

    Pay Cuts ha, haven't had a pay rise for four years so already had effective cut in pay and will not be accepting any cut proposed to me. When I don't accept I am told I have a mandatory interview with my line manager to look forward to. Can't wait.........

    Time we got rid of the plethora of non revenue earning, idle, email fanatic middle management who have nothing better to do than annoy us honest hard working delivery people who are actually filling the company coffers. That should save quite a lot without impacting anything and also gives us the benefit of saving a huge amount on email storage from the crap internal junk mail we all have to suffer every day.

    I and all my peers are not happy at HP, moral is at an all time low, no one is happy, further redundancies threaten, no training (except WBT) due to travel restrictions, pay cuts, bad management, too many managers, no clear focus or strategy.....etc etc etc

    What ever anyone says there is a great deal of experience and talent at HP which is ignored continually by senior management who treat us like a resource not a person, may as well be a photocopier.

    As for the flights they surely should come under the corporate flight ban. With a name like Hurd surely he won't mind cattle class anyway :0)

    That'll be me exiting left to a company that values my skills and experience..........

  7. Tek-1


    Let me illustrate how HP are so management-heavy.

    We have just won a large contract in the UK with Aviva.

    We receive an email from Bill Thomas at 16:17 on Mon 03 March, telling us of the large win, millions of pounds for everyone...but hey, you're still taking a pay cut, troglodytes. Jolly good, time for some cake.

    We then get another email from Sean Finnan, the UK Regional VP (just what is that?), at 16:48. Sean has pretty much copied and pasted the entire of Bill's email into his own, but cunningly, has put his own name on the end of it to make it look like he was involved in the process.

    The following morning, the same information is cut and pasted - for a second time - by one of our local management onto our local intranet.

    I really don't think you should be looking at the grunts to see where things are going slightly awry.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    US is suffering WFR/Redundancies as well

    I would like to reply to Fred Smith. My services group here in the US have been told we are being reduced by 60%. That 60% is being replaced by workers in Costa Rica. They have no experience and the people being let go all have 20-30 years of supporting VMS and its product suite. So on this side of the pond, we are getting pounded as well. And here the pay cut wasn't optional, it's just automatic. No workers counsels here.



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