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If you’re still content with your original Xbox, Microsoft has some sad support news for you. original_xbox Microsoft's original Xbox: ah, the memories... From today, service repairs on an original Xbox for which the warranty has expired will no longer by accepted by Microsoft. If, by some miracle, your original Xbox is …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    LOL, are you serious?

    Microsoft dumped support for the original Xbox (and dumped on Xbox owners), the day they launched launched the 360.

    I think it's safe to expect Microsoft to dump on 360 owners, the same day if any followup console appears (and that's a big IF considering the massive losses Xbox has accumulated over the years)

  2. Marco Alfarrobinha

    The King is dead...

    ... long live the King!

    Twice as good as the the PS2 with games twice as good, it really never fulfilled its potential.

    Still, it was a good springboard for the 360 and generation leadership. No, the Wii is not current generation, is a Cube with fancy controllers, it belongs to the last generation.

  3. Chris

    Good for me and...

    ... everyone else who has a modified xBox, now the spares will be cheaper on eBay as people flogg off their old kit.

  4. William Andrews
    Gates Horns


    Glad to get the father of the trash taken of the market!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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