back to article AVG finally bothers with behaviour-based defences

AVG has belatedly introduced behaviour-based anti-malware protection to its line of paid-for security products. AVG Internet Security 8.5, released on Monday, adds behaviour-based security technology to existing pattern-based detection. The technology comes from the recent acquisition of Sana Security. Sana's technology will …


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  1. Simon
    Paris Hilton

    Not impressed

    Their current detection methods appear to be 'if the file is called nocd.exe then delete it anyway' which is fricking annoying to say the least.

    Paris because there anren't stringent enough antivirus measures in existence that would persuade me to insert my floppy.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Halo


    get a mac

  3. TeeCee Gold badge
    Thumb Down

    Oh yes?

    " avoid problems such as false positives."

    That'll be from the only A/V product I've tried that's ever given me a false positive then?

    The torrent of dire error messages this produced followed by the invocation of an "I'm going to delete this allegedly moody (but actually perfectly innocent) executable and there's f*** all you can do about it" function was insult upon injury.....

  4. Anonymous Coward


    Wow, feel the hate in this article! I must have missed it, but are AVG another one of The Reg's bugbears? Perhaps you could refer to its users as AVG-tards, inline with your charming nomenclature policy for other people you don't like.

  5. Anonymous Coward


    I doubt you could insert your floppy there anyway. It's not the size of a boot, you know!

  6. ComputerExpert

    Not all the facts

    AVG has had basic heuristics for years..this new technology is completely different.

    Typical Standard bias.

  7. Matt

    Does seem to be

    one of The Reg's pet hates. Don't really know why as it seems to be a great product that has served me and my company well for many years. Unlike Norotn and McAfee which were a total disaster, one rendering a PC un-usable!

  8. n

    what a non story

    yes agreed AC, too much hate here. used as cover for a non-story or for an ad.

    so "avg is late with a feature". waw eee.

    lazy journo.

  9. raving angry loony

    too little, too late

    We've already moved on. AVG has become as bloated as Norton/Symantec became. Their last version was a freaking disaster on client machines. Not renewed, gone to other products.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Where's the hate?

    Aren't you all a bunch of sensitive ones. I'm a fan of AVG and can't see any hate nor bias in the article it's a straight forward report of what is.


    >That'll be from the only A/V product I've tried that's ever given me a false positive then?

    Get out a bit more. Try McAfee, that's forever deleting innocent files.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "Waah! Hate crime! John Leyden is a meanie!"

    Go and complain to your mothers.

  12. Chris

    I <3 AVG

    It's free and it works well. Why all the vitriol?

  13. Stu

    Lets hope then that... doesn't wipe out whole Visual Studio 2005 Projects in the same way that Spyware Doctor Heuristics scanning does. They just dont get that some development projects might actually be legitimate!

    It did it to me, wiped out two projects I was working on last year.

    ...oh and then the quarantine system refused to restore them!

    Had to get help from PC Tools to unpack the things for me!

  14. Duncan Robertson
    Thumb Up

    Don't like it, then shift

    I used to use AVG and ZoneAlarm until the latter went bloatware and buggy - seemed to happen when they got bought over by CheckPoint...

    Anyway, moved over to Comodo for a firewall. I'd heard of them before having purchased a SSL certificate from them a few years previous. Huge range of config options and feature loaded software with a small memory footprint! So, well happy with that then especially as it's free and seems to do the job.

    Comodo have updated their software to be a security suite and it certainly seems to do the job as well. So I have ditched AVG as I didn't see the need for 2 icons in the systray...

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    I like it !

    Yep, i'm going to go against the flow here, but I've used NOD32 for around three years and was very happy with it. However, I decided to upgrade my relic of a firewall (Sygate) since Symantec have acquired it and thought I'd try an A/V / Firewall combi.

    AVG has been very effective, very fast, very resource-light and has an abundance of features, all of which work well and don't hinder my use of any of my two laptops or PC's.

    I give A.V.G. I.S. a big thumbs up.

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