back to article Intel invests in Ireland

Intel is to invest over €50m ($63.5m, £44.3m) to expand Irish operations, a move that will boost employment at its R&D facilities in Shannon by 134 jobs over the next four years. According to IDA Ireland, the investment will raise total staffing at the facility to 300. Two projects will be supported by the funding, one in …


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  1. John Browne

    money money money

    I think you're being overly negative on this investment. You're not comparing like with like when you compare investment in fabrication facilitites with investment in R and D and product development. The 7billion + is being invested in manufacturing and fabrication facilities which are very very very expensive. For the product R and D all you need is an office and a computer and some engineers. You seem to be getting dazzled and distracted by the headline numbers.

    The fact that intel still want to expand and hire R and D engineering jobs in Ireland is very encouraging. It's no consolation to those that are losing their jobs in leixslip but they're not the same type of jobs that are being created in shannon.

  2. Seán

    A Lovely Cup of Tea

    With all those 134 potato men working away surely they'll have to hire some women (mna) to make the lovely tea and sandwiches. (tea served pre milk and sugared in bottles for the clean rooms)

  3. Rob

    processors need to be manufactured...

    "The hardware component will include design and validation of 32nm embedded processors for small to medium sized businesses" - wonder if Ireland will get the manufacturing of those designs when the project is complete? Seemingly modern fabs are a hell of a lot more automated than the current (65nm?) stuff at Leixlip, but it'd still be a boost.

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