back to article Hertfordshire drivers endure 200-year roadworks

We're obliged this morning to reader Paul Smith for alerting drivers to ongoing and rather prolonged roadworks in Hertfordshire, albeit with "slight" impact on traffic flow: 200 year roadworks on St Albans Rd West, according to elgin Those of you thinking that not even in the UK could it take 200 years to put right a bit of …


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  1. alan

    Dont exagerate

    its only 192 years!

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    No misprint

    Try living in Sheffield!

    One survey carried out regarding the state of the roads here, said that at the current rate of repair, the city will take 300 years to correct all the problems with potholes, botched earlier repairs, etc.

    Why Paris? Goes down just like Tarmac, hot and smooth....

  3. Johnny FireBlade

    Bit close to home

    That's just around the corner from my house! Hopefully my great, great grandkids will be happy to see the work finished! ;)

  4. Peter Ford

    re: Don't exaggerate

    apparently they started eight years ago, although that is a estimate - maybe the don't know when the work started for sure, again sounds about right for a water company :)

  5. Anonymous Coward


    At least, even with 2 weeks of over-run, they'll be done in time for christmas!

    @alan: did you notice the start date? it's already been going for nearly 8 years... it's a mere 192 years remaining.

    Has anyone considered that the third field could be a time field rather than a year: starting a just gone 8pm, finishing 2 hours later?

    Didn't think so.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle


    The Sheffield stat, however, is based on extrapolation of real figures, whereas the Hetrfordshire one is merely a typo.

  7. Lee
    Paris Hilton


    so what are locals called? Or is it another name for a bra?

    And there is of course a local birdwatching chapter.....! - "birdclub" indeed!!

    Paris - because, according to the Sun in 2007, she now needs bigger Tyttenhangers!

  8. Dominic Bradbury

    Spotted on Twitter

    AngryBritain @WillNickson Hertfordshire drivers also endure sneaky-radar-gun-toting-bush-hiding-bastards too

  9. Alan

    @Dont exagerate

    Look again at the start date...

  10. JasonW


    From 6 December 2001 to 10 December 2201 looks like 200 years and a couple of days to me, but then I'm old enough to have a proper O-level in maths.

  11. Pink Duck

    Fixed already?

    It doesn't appear on my site, which makes use of Highways Agency data:,-0.317574&f=23

  12. The Fuzzy Wotnot
    Thumb Up

    Yep most likely true!

    Anyone who has to endure the A10 crossing over the M25 just north of Enfield will know that this is probably true. 2 lanes at 60mph to a motorway routing roundabout, then 4 lanes for 400 yards at 70mph, then immediately back to 2 lanes at 40mph for the next 5 miles and they wonder why there's gridlock when more than 5 vehicles go down that stretch!

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    They are being optimistic

    if both completion date and delays caused

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    M1 J8 widening

    Still not complete - not that you notice anyone working on it. That probably won't be finished before 2200 either.

  15. Lionel Baden

    @Dominic Bradbury ,@JasonW


    Try living in germany, they use camoflage netting in the woods and in the city hide them in cars with tinted windows and bins with holes in them !!!


    Does this calculation include leap years ?? :P

  16. Jeff Deacon
    Thumb Down

    Which water company?

    Don't be too surprised to learn that Three Valleys Water is a subsidiary of Veolia, the company formerly known as Connex.

  17. gribbler

    @anonymous coward

    those roadworks on the M1 have been there for as long as I have owned a car... I for one will be at least a little upset when they go, it's like a piece of my personal motoring history.

  18. Adrian Esdaile

    That's rather good actually

    We've been trying to build a modern civilized country here in Australia, and it's taken us 221 years so far.

    We're still not there though.

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's near London so

    191 years to get planning.

    1 year to do the actual work

  20. Gordon Crawford

    more delays

    It might take longer. They probably will need to lend back money to a bank .

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