back to article Carphone Warehouse to axe 450 jobs

Up to 450 people will be made redundant by Carphone Warehouse in a cost-cutting exercise, the firm said today. The jobs will go at Carphone's West London head office and call centres in the Midlands and North West. Retail outlets won't be affected. The cuts follow an announcement by the firm in January that it was seeking to …


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  1. Steve Davies Silver badge
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    Do they still have UK Call Centres?


    Call centres in the midlands & Northwest?

    Everytime I called them I got some ????? in India reading from a script who would ask me for my Bank Account details as part ofthe verification process.

    Yeah right. As If I'm going to say them over the phone whrn I'm in a public place.

    Glad to say that I'm now an ex customer.

  2. Adam Nealis
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    I got out a couple of years ago.

    > Glad to say that I'm now an ex customer

    Glad to say that I'm an ex-employee.

    The UK call centre seats are probably still cheaper than the ones in India.

  3. Anonymous Coward


    ....they will offload some of the better-paid members of staff at the top of the ladder. Some there are paid many MANY times what they would earn in 'proper' jobs in other companies.

    Here's hoping the hard-working staff at the bottom of the corporate tree don't suffer too much.

    And are these job losses REALLY required or are they merely jumping on the 'times are hard - let's get rid of staff' bandwagon many employers seem to be joining recently - RSA being another case?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I work for the Carphone group and the first I heard about this was by reading the reg. the staff forum reps were not told either.

    So let's see the media find out... the staff find out by email.... the forum reps find out.... oh wait they havent yet.

    so the staff cannot go to the rep for more info , this seems backwards to me should it not be the reps, the staff then the media??

    oh and they are also not giving pay rises this year but will give the staff a whole extra weeks pay if profit targets are met.

    this may sound generous to those staff that are on hundreds of thousands a year, you know the people who don't really do anything, (the ones who manage the people who do) but to the general staff it's nothing.

    within my area we are already earn less than half those in the same role in other parts of the group and for the last 3 years we have been told it will be sorted out and we will be brought in line lol not much chance now.

    the only upside is that now I know I dont have to wait until april to begin looking for a new job.

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