back to article Jobs will return, says Apple's board

The Apple shareholders meeting held Wednesday was dominated by a man who wasn't there: Steve Jobs. All the other members of Apple's board of directors were in attendance, save Google CEO Eric Schmidt, but none would provide any more-detailed information about the missing Jobs. “Nothing has changed,” said board member Arthur …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Honorary status

    I believe it is possible at Board level to confer an honorary status on a member.

    That is a way to confer rights and respect to an individual over and above normal election or membership procedures and processes.

    Maybe Mr Jobs could be a first Apple Honorary Board Member?

  2. Lars Silver badge
    Jobs Halo

    Jobs, get well

    get decent too, if possible.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    Aww, what a lovefest ...

    whatsa matter? Even the idiot shareholders lose all independent thought ability when in the company of App-holes?

  4. goggyturk
    Thumb Up

    When He returns..

    Sorry, I'll only be impressed by Jobs' reappearance if He shows His disciples His wounds (to prove it really really is Him) then ascends to the heavens from the top of a mountain, promising to return one day in the future to lead His people to the New Jerusalem.

    Otherwise, he's a phony and the Jesus Phone should be renamed the L. Ron Hubbard Phone from now on.

  5. Adrian Esdaile

    Well may he say...

    Jobbie may well say "I will return", but just what is his stance on Japan, and will he use nukes in Korea?

    We demand answers.

  6. Michael Greenhill
    Thumb Down

    Jizzed in their pants

    I feel sorry for the janitor who had to clean up the soggy floors and chairs after that circle jerk...

  7. richard
    Jobs Halo

    he'll a box

    then the i-ashes can be scattered around the apple cafe, very nice too.

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