back to article Sharp UK intros 108in monster telly

If a 32in LCD just won’t do for your modern living room then how about a 108in beast from Sharp? Sharp LB-1085 Sharp's 108in LB-1085: monster The monstrously sized LB-1085 screen was first seen back in mid-2008, but was built to order then and really only aimed at businesses who want enormo-screens for conference rooms, …


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  1. Gary Littlemore

    I want one....

    but I've not got the £100,000 for it :o(

  2. Simon Painter

    orders coming in thick and fast

    11 from the manchester area, 11 from liverpool

    another 11 orders from chelsea

    you get the idea...

  3. Arnold Lieberman
    Thumb Down

    That's silly

    A few weeks ago I visited Harrods and saw a Pioneer 103" plasma for just £59995. I went away thinking that was a bit expensive but it looks like a bargain by comparison. As we all know, plasma beats LCD any day.

  4. Eponymous Cowherd

    A just under 5p a pixel

    Its a real bargain

  5. Ross Fleming

    "Costs less than £1000 per inch"

    Do you work for Sharp's marketing dept? That's brilliant spin! :-)

  6. Patrick

    Not that bothered

    I can do that with my projector for £8 from local carboot. had focus problem sorted it for free and xbox 360 looks brill lol...

    And Yes I do have to have low light but its a bit cheaper lol

  7. hugh

    2.6 mm tall pixels :o

    need a bigger HDier format.

  8. The_Police!


    ... if it broke in transit! How much would it cost to ship back?

This topic is closed for new posts.