back to article NASA releases moon return globo-projection movie

NASA has announced the imminent debut of a promotional film entitled Return to the Moon, made for the radical new "spherical film-making" projection system. What, you didn't know about spherical movies? Neither did we, to be honest. In essence, the idea is to project the images not onto a flat screen but onto a large sphere …


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  1. Jerome

    Jas it up

    Sounds great, but will the soundtrack to these movies be a spherical song?

  2. Peter Jones

    Does this mean

    we will soon be able to explore Google Moon? Seems like they are trying to map the whole solar system.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Been there...

    I was about to ask why there are no comments so far asking where they got the footage from since they didn't go there.

    Mine's the one with the book on crackpot conspiracy theories in the pocket.

  4. Simon Painter

    "return" to the moon

    come on, nut jobs, let's be having you... photos and shadows and all that tripe?

  5. No

    Go see it

    I first saw a "science on a sphere" presentation at the Bishop museum in Honolulu, it is REALLY neat. You really feel like you are looking at the planet or moon being displayed in real life.

  6. MrWeeble

    Re: Does this mean

    Yes, for quite a while now:

    You may also be interested in

  7. Brian

    War of the worlds

    The live concert of War of the Worlds (Jeff Wayne Musical version) has what sounds very similiar, a projection of an animated head of Richard Burton onto a sphere above the stage.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    I have your soundtrack right here:

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    But shurley


    the music will be Mike Oldfield's "Music of the Spheres"

    Paris, spherical objects, make sweet music etc etc.

  10. John Savard

    Obvious Destination

    I presume these films are intended to be used as educational material by planetariums, which have the equipment to present them to the public as part of their educational function.

  11. Trevor Pearson

    Just one little thing...

    ok I get why you need a load of kit, half a dozen p.c.s and four or so projectors some speakers, so far so good, but why the nunchucks exactly ? I mean you can just ask people to be quiet.....

  12. George

    Wow...that's limiting your market!

    I mean I know there are a fair few astronomer places (planetarium is the term I think) around but this seems like a bit of a waste to be honest, unless I guess it can be sold for a pretty penny.

  13. Eric Crippen


    Detroit's science musuem used to have a hemisphere screen. Pretty cool. You sit in a reclined position (more or less) and the whole thing covers more of your peripheral vision.

    The one I saw on bees had Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons' playing. Would really like to see somthing like this.

  14. Mike Powers

    I've seen this in several places

    It's actually a pretty neat thing, although you're right that it's one of those things that's really more of a "showpiece" than an actual useful thing. You can't point to things on it without blocking the view, or using a laser pointer.

  15. Brandon
    Thumb Down


    Why in the hell do we need to go to the moon? (that about sums up my thoughts on this topic)

  16. Frank Bough
    Thumb Up

    Spherical is the way to go

    For example, I enjoyed a delicious meal of spherical cow just this evening. It's the taste that can't be beat!

  17. OzBob

    surprised the "interactive" buzzword has not been used

    The National Space Museum has some nice exhibits, I was there recently. Maybe they should try getting this, instead of that crummy american 3d stage show that no-one watches (I mean the one in the open next to the Martian Rover enclosure, not the ride with the special glasses)

  18. Paul

    Re: Does this mean

    You can also explore the internet at Amazing isnt it!

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