back to article Beware the dazzle of Microsoft's Azure lure

When it comes to Microsoft's Azure Services Platform, it pays to be cautious. Microsoft has joined IBM and others in trying to build its own version of what's beginning to look like a vast, mainframe-like computing and storage system in the sky. In the case of Azure, you - the developer - will build your applications using …


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  1. N

    Microsoft "stealing" ideas?

    What's to prevent Microsoft from "stealing" your ideas?

    Enough said.

  2. Robert Ramsay

    Botnet in the sky

    I'm sure that will be the first real news story about the "cloud"...

  3. Anonymous Coward

    MS consistency

    ".. it doesn't really work, we don't quite know what it is supposed to do or how it performs, but one thing is for sure, you will pay loads for it and have little or no come back on us if it wastes your companies precious time..."

    ...Sounds like just about any MS project to date!!!

  4. Chika
    Gates Horns

    Takeover by proxy

    I can just think of it. "All your warez belong to..."

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Whatever happened to Ashlee Vance?

    I'm sure it's fun for lots of people to just read non-stop Microsoft bashing, but for those who want to read news and somewhat balanced opinion about the industry, I suggest you read Ashlee Vance's blog:

    It's a pity that The Register no long seems to have good coverage of this important company.

  6. Chika


    On the contrary. The Register isn't here to give "good coverage", whatever you might think that is. They report what they see. If what they see looks suspicious, that's hardly their fault, now is it, A...nonymous?

    No company is totally safe from bashing, but "this important company" has provided so many targets for bashing, especially in the last few years. You can't expect people to just sit back and ignore it as that would be no more balanced than what you are accusing the Reg of being with all those horrible bashers... they bash and gloat and rip and make fun and take the... IT'S NOT FAIR, IT TELLS YA! WAAAAAAAH!!!

  7. kain preacher

    @ Ashlee Vance

    Left the reg, dont you remember that article ??

  8. John

    The Truth Will Out

    All of us who have used Microsoft development tools for many years know that:

    a) There is always a lot of hype

    b) Version 1 usually leaves a lot to be desired

    c) The listen to their customers and adapt well

    d) Version 3 is usually great and significantly better than what competitors offer and it is usually fairly (as defined by the market) priced

    People will always bash whomever is on top. Now it is MS. Someday it might be someone else. Someone telling me constantly that the sun rises in the west does not change what I know to be true.

  9. Chika


    Can't argue with a and b.

    I can argue with c though. They only listen to their customers when it suits them, or when to do otherwise will significantly affect their earnings. The problem is that they are too big and are controlled too much by one sector of the business which often leads them into strife. While they have come up with good things over the years, the whole business is geared towards the domination of the market at whatever cost.

    As for d, the usual way of putting this, as has been said over so many years, is "Never touch a Microsoft product until the first service pack comes out".

  10. Pascal Monett Silver badge


    You forgot point E : any version after #3 is on an irreversible trend of bloat and cruft that will render the product more and more unusable and full of complex vulnerabilities that will be utter bliss for all the skript kiddies and malware authors.

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