back to article Report names LG's phones as least reliable

LG, Sony Ericsson and Samsung mobile phones have been fingered as some of the most problematic handsets available, according to a poll of users. Opinium Research – on behalf of website – quizzed just over 2000 British adults and discovered that more than one third of LG owners – 34 per cent – had …


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  1. Elrond Hubbard


    I've had the SE k800i for a couple of years now, and it is certainly the best all round phone I've ever owned. Having seen new SE handsets, with their bugs, it doesn't surprise me they've been rated so badly.

    Samsung, and more so LG, seem to suffer from badly designed interface implementations, which make the phones hard to use.

  2. Monkey

    Oh if ever...

    ...a piece was more deliberately written, or statements made, to get people foaming at the mouth and start posting the 'my phone is better than your phone' cock waving comments.....!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I think the most reliabe is the Openmoko!

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    I mean the Openmoko, most UNRELIABLE!

  5. Chris

    LG Viewty - ugg

    Bought and LG Viewty as an upgrade with my SP.

    After 2 months I went back to my old phone.

    The UI was poor to the point of useless.

    Never again.

  6. Jethro


    LG . . . what the hell! As Elrond said the SE devices are true bits of engineering, specifically the K800i is rock solid. Although pretty much any SE in vanilla stylee (minus operator bloatwear) are usually damm good. Weather or not the Ericsson - SE chip sourcing shift will change this we'll have to wait and see (

    But LG come the fuck on. I can't name many people who know the remotest bit about mobile technology who would use a LG handset and the only people who do have bought an LG for its aesthetics sacrificing actual functionality (every tried sync'ing an LG?). The spec often looks good on paper but take an LG out the box and you'll be sending it back swiftly if you've any sense.

    Of course this research is kind of defunct as the majority of handsets will be 'smart phones' in the coming 24 months. So Symbian S60/80, WM 6.5 and 7 when it arrives. Not forgetting Android lots of Android. Mine's the one with a SE in the pocket . . .

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